Giveaway! cloner, feminization of seeds? And grow update πŸ’― πŸ’š

Package arrived!! πŸŽ‰ πŸ₯³

today we received a package from Pure Smoke Boutique and in it looks to be a 2x4x6 foot grow tent. also what came in this package was 15 new crosses.

These will be started strain by strain. We have some auto flowers as well in the mix. As we pop these we will weed out the males and pick the best one to create feminized seeds. As well be will be taking clones and possibly create a mother plant from some that produce a super hash finish for our extraction process. But unfortunately the grow tent did not come with everything needed....

So once we source o it these last pieces for the tent we will immediately get the marshmallow Gobbstopper in and we will start on the feminization of seeds from her. This is a great project and we have 15 strains to fem out for them. super excited for this and this allows us to step up our game mean while helping another get some awesome feminized genetics on there shelf. And yes of course they will be tested before release. πŸŽ‰

12 site cloner

today was day 4 or day 5 🀣 and it’s time to change the fluid in the 12 site cloner.

We are using Clonex cloning solution. The first run we used 20ml of cloning solution and this change we upped it up to 30ml per gallon of water.

This set up comfortable uses one gallon. you always want to ph your solution when using this Clonex cloning solution between 5.5 and 6.5 and naturally this came out to 6.4-6.5

We use Blue Labs combo meter to keep our fluids in check, as well as our mediums.

We will run the mix for 3-5 days and we will change it once again and up the mixture. this round of solution may do what we need It To though. Last round of clones took 11 days. These are the marshmallow Gobbstopper Cutting from the girl we will be running through our first round of feminizing.

Flower Room

We are on week four of flower with the two mandarin hammers which we kept in there one gallon fabric pots. And the random girl is in the 3 gallon fabric. We also did move in the 3 creature bear og F2 autoflowers to finish there life cycle. We water the girls that are in flower and feed with Advanced Nutrients

While in flower we use 10ml of grow 15ml of micro and 15 of bloom. We will back off to 10ml on the micro half way through flower, next feeding. we also have now started using bud candy additive by Advanced nutrients for the 6+ weeks of flowering tapering off at the end with the rest of the nutrients.

Veg Room

We will be adding a bit more soil to the bubba hash we have in the 3 gallon fabric pots. These are feminized. and these will be worked on extensively to get the canopies where we want them for the best yielding results. if they show to be a super hasty producing strain the third one will be kept as a mother plant for taking cuttings and keeping a consistent product coming through. The three creature bear og F2 in the one gallon pots have now been moved to the flower room where we could put more power directly on them. Also two mandarin hammers which one will be transplanted into the 3 gallon fabric pot using happy frog by Fox Farm Soil. We still have 3 mandarin hammers waiting to show wax so we can revert them back to veg and finish training them.


πŸ‘† link above will bring you to the giveaway. Follow the rules and good luck!! πŸŽ‰

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