Giveaway!! And wax room update

Now starts today’s Giveaway. .....

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Rules for giveaway

1. follow rules on original post

2. only thing to do hear is check out the post and leave a number between 0-500 that has not been chosen yet with your IG handle. 3. ends tonight at 8 pm EST

-good luck


in the vac chamber....

we finally got normal material yesterday. We packed up the 18 inch tube. We then froze the tube and then blasted with two cans of pure322 organic solvent by MetaVega. After blasting we place the Pyrex dish into a warm water bath to allow the bulk of the solvent to evaporat...

pulling 8 grams from this blast. We still have one more 18 inch tube that needs to get packed and blasted.

Grow rooms

The veg room is looking great. This is going to be the first round of seedlings to come through here and look the way they do, just have things more dialed in then The last grow. These are the exotics from Pure Smoke Boutique. All have been topped and they got fed yesterday. mixing Advanced Nutrients and ONIT sciences organic grow additive. Once we have about 3 weeks of growth we will then think about tipping again and doing some serious training.

Flower room is coming towards the middle of week 3 of flower. Not doing much In Here today again. But we will go through here and see if there is any defoliating that can be done and get rid of things that are just not getting the light they need to produce worthy flower

And the emergency grow room. Looks ok lol but not good enough. We will be picking up another light today from a friend to get some we’ll needed light in this room. But temps are ok and things like I said look ok. The new

light will bring well needed power and heat to this environment. Everything is in 10 gallon fabrics or bigger. Today we will be coming by here to help some things out.

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