Getting back to the grind

Thank you everyone who has been supportive in this custody case with me. things would have been much harder without you all. And because of this we will put together a killer giveaway.... appreciation giveaway. I started wax room productions because of this little girl and she is my drive for everything I do every single motha fucking day. Lol I know kids and cannabis are not supposed to be in the same category but if your intent is genuine and mindfully done, nothing you do will be in vein. I will be back in the “office” tomorrow evening getting back on the norm, but harder then ever. I do start a normal dam stupid fucking job Monday I believe but that will not cut into wax room. We have some things we need to unload and if you would like more information on what we have happening just send as a message. We got a lot that needs to happen and catch up on. Again thank you EVERYONE 2020 has been just amazing and can’t imagine what the future holds And not for me for bit for you guys. Got so much to give

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