Getting back to normal

flower room is getting closer and closer to harvest and the quicker this flower room gets taken down the quicker we can get the next three girls in here to flower. We have roughly 22 more days of flower before the “slice the pie” comes down and 36 more days before the other three come down. Once done we will be cleaning and wiping this room down and get it ready for even a more epic flowering round. Our indoor grows are comfortable with 3 gallon smartpots. Allowing a better quality grow and not wasting money. bigger the pot bigger your roots should be and with indoor growing most of the time the average home grower does not have the space/room for a five or ten gallon pot size. And training your plants is what is going to get you the weight your looking for in such a space restricted area.

veg room has got three tenants waiting to get moved into the flower room. We got Vulx volcanic mineral soil amendment working for the clones. Adding in 75 grams of this amendment per gallon of medium. We have “sour sorbet” “mendo cookies” and “Durban poison” all from seed, some will be going to the outdoor grow with the clones.

and our three “channel fever” from sanctuary seeds are the next girls, from seed, that will be going through the indoor grow process. These will be transplanted into 3 gallon pots sometime soon. And we will start giving them nutrients a few days after transplanting them using fox farm ocean forest soil.

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