Genetics, extractions and training With a couple clones


yesterday we got in five new strains from Pure Smoke boutiques and they sure are some exotic names and can’t wait to see what comes of them. 3 beans to a pack. We will get a few out to a couple other growers.

Extraction time

we also got the 6 inch extraction tube packed, froze and blasted with pure322 organic solvent by MetaVega. we packed roughly 21 grams of “no name” flower and yielded over 8.5 grams of concentrate. This flower has an unbelievable return and what helps that is the organic solvent. today we will jar out some 1/8th’s.


this “slice the pie” from Sanctuary Seeds is looking awesome. We got a few pics of the trichomes and it looks good but we still do not see any amber color yet. We will be waiting till its about 40% amber and we will harvest. Knowing we are close to harvest we did some stalk splitting. When the plant thinks it’s dying, as a defense mechanism it produces more resin, great defense mechanism lol. She is on day 45 of flower and she smells amazing.


we pulled the three girls, in the three gallon pots, out and got working on there canopy’s. We installed Simple Yields Solutions support/scrog system on the “dairy shake” from Sanctuary Seeds. Did some low stress training on the other two. and these three will be going into flower as soon as the others are harvested in the flower room. The scrog set up is easy to use and is well worth it. Giving independence to your plants is helpful when growing in tight places or if you are just wanting to go for epic canopy’s. We love it and are working on how we can get more of these to run in the outdoor grow.

working on those three canopy’s we took some clones from the “TS cubed” and got them in the big bubble. We’ll see how these go and maybe there a bit big but I got confidence. Using a rooting hormone to help the process along is key on successful cloning.

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