G8LED C3 is on its way, prepping for carts, clones ready to ship and one girl in the veg room 🎉 �

new equipment!!


Yesterday I was notified by Dorm Grow Lights that we will be receiving this new G8LED C3 light!!!! MSRP at 1,199$$!!

Built with an Enhanced Full-Spectrum formulation of Samsung 3000k  & 4000k white plus ultraviolet, infrared, and a targeted range of 380-740nm.  G8LED C-Series grow healthier, more potent plants, and maximize the yield of the harvest.

Magnify with the Built-In Flower Booster

With a push of a button, the red, far-red, and hyper-red wavelengths are amplified for increased flowering and added yield.

  • Enhanced light energy and a powerful 1700 μMol/s

  • Samsung Diodes 3000k, 4000k + UV, IR, 380-740nm

  • Master controller to interconnect up to 50 lights


yesterday was not a big day for extractions. But the marshmallow Gobbstopper we did the other day cured up 🔥

And if we allow this to go further we will have a sugar crumble but this sugar sauce is something else.... amazed how far we have come in everything from seed to extract.

and yesterday we picked up roughly 130 grams of awesome material. (this material you see originates from my first material connect ever, when we started wax room, and he’s back and I couldn’t be any happier. his material is the highest yielding plant material ever to come through wax room at 32% return- that was the highest) and we are planning on extracting the 70 grams of “Jesus OG” and we will winterize and get it ready for cartridges.... DHO carts

Veg Room

we have the one Strawnanna tangilope now in the veg room. We topped it yesterday and we transplanted it into a 3 gallon fabric pot. We will be working on this one plant and training for an epic canopy which in return will give us some good candidates for cuttings and getting some clones. We are planning on feminizing this strain as well like we are doing with the marshmallow Gobbstopper. clones

We got 3 bubba hash clones ready to go out and we are using some of these awesome “clone shippers” which have a built in LED light. We will get these out ASAP

new full glass carts

We have 200 one gram full glass cartridges on there way. I’m super excited to see how these perform. Have heard awesome things about them. Of course we are having the logo on them. Stay tuned and follow us on your favorite social platform.

Apparel and accessories

And as always hit up waxroomproduction.com/shop and get your wax room gear ⚙️ today 🎉 also I’m sure you guys have seen the new wax room black pen batteries. Variable wattage with a preheat setting

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