Full winterization process, carts, grows and what’s next?? 🎉 💯 💚

Extraction & winterizing

👆 and 💥 we finally got the material we needed in! This is the “platinum Kush breath“ and “Jesus og” flower. Nice and dry and this material usually comes out with a blonde/gold color.... not brown or black.

using the 18 inch extraction tube we packed 90 grams of material into it. Half Jesus og and half PKB and packing relatively tight. Dryer the material the tighter you can pack. Using the new ptfe seals have been great and I believe the screen on these seals are tighter because we have been getting really high pressures since these seals have come In. 🥳

👆 and finally some good color..... last 900$ Of flower has been only good for smoking or making shatters.

running two cans, because there’s so much more pressure, Into the Pyrex and the Pyrex into the warm water bath. after a few minutes the bulk of the pure322 is purged off.

If you would like to try Metavega organic solvent pure322 head over to www.pure322.com and enter “waxroom10” at check out for a discount off your first purchase. And I’m always here to help you use it 💯 💚

After the bulk of the pure322 organic solvent has purged off we are left with a thick extract in the dish.

We then flood the dish with grain alcohol to start the winterizing process. Once fully dissolved we get it into a mason jar and seal it.

As you can see it looks pretty cloudy. So getting this to freeze down will seperate the fats and lipids from the cannabinoids.

After a few hours we have separation. You can see the fats and lipids have now floated to the top for the most part.

it’s now time to filter

We set up the Buckner funnel with two coffee filters and get it hooked up to the vac pump. Turn the pump on and we filter

Pouring the mason jar into the top of the hopper and allowing the pump to do the work, after a few minutes the solution is filtered and we have pulled out all the impurities

and we have been pulling a lot of this out now since we started using those ptfe seals....

Which honeycomb and I are experimenting with a few things that we can use this bi-product for.

And we can now see how much clearer this is... this is what you want for making cartridges and if done correctly you can preserve sone of those Terps through this process giving the final end product an amazing taste. But now we are ready to get this into the “Source” by Extract Craft which is going to purge the bulk of the alcohol off and reclaim it for us, speeding up this process and helping save money.

After about an hour or so the bulk of the alcohol is ready to be reclaimed and the extract is ready for the vac chamber. This is where the final product will come out of.

So I should have let this stay in the source for about another 20 minutes ... so this will be finished today. Follow our main account on Instagram for real time updates.


and our new formula for the cartridges has been amazing 😂 and finally got it down I’d say almost dam perfect.

New flavors coming out this week. Offering bulk pricing at 40 carts or more. These are 50$ carts. we do offer a lower level cart at 25$ a cart.

G8LED Room & auto room

The four rainbow🌈 gobstoppers and the 🍌 French 🍪 reverted back to veg awesomely and these are going to be transplanted this morning into either 3 or 5 gallon pots. It’s time. The G8LED C3 has been frickin awesome head over to dormgrows.com for your C3 or check out there lower level models that are still 🔥 quality lights putting out real “work” 😂.

And the auto flowers under the 400 metal halide are moving I guess. Those too will also be fed this morning. Not to happy with those genetics though...

Fem Mar. Gob. & fem seedlings

We popped four new fems the other day. We have two of the bubba hash which the last round of those came out to be one of the best flowers we have grown. And then we have one critical +2.0 and one fruit salad again both fems photos. And the 6 fem marshmallow gobstoppers are looking awesome. Just selective topping and we should be transplanting these as well soon into 3 gallon fabrics and brought into the Vivosun 5x5 to finish vegging and then flower. So we may do that today also.

business has been picking up and teuing tk catch it all for content has been a bit difficult while truing ti stay ahead of the actual work. but this has been fun and still is fun for me. i want wveryone to know what i know. wesnesday will be the next giveaway. appreciate everyone’s support and love❤️ 💯

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