Full spectrum GSC carts, PKB extraction and veg room update 🥳 💯 💚


giving away one full spectrum “Girl Scout cookie” cartridge.

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that easy and Wednesday we will randomly select a winner And post winner here on wednesdays blog. Good luck 🍀 🎉 💯 💚 😃

Cartridges & prep

Yesterday we finished up with the winterizing of the platinum Kush breathe that was originally extracted with pure322 organic solvent. Final step in that process is the vac chamber.

👆 done. And now we collect it and weigh it. This batch came out to be 20.1 grams of extract.

we got our new mixing glass out 🥳 and we broke the extract up for easier mixing.

And we grabbed the new Girl Scout 🍪 flavor by Terps USA 🇺🇸 and got to mixing. We will need to get a hot plate or something in the new lab soon cuz my way of heating this up to mix I don’t think is helping me.... microwave 🤦‍♂️

Once mixed we are ready to fill some cartridges 🎉

we only got to fill 27 carts so there is a little tweaking that needs to be figured out so we can make the full 30 as planned next time. Today we will start on the gelato 🍧 flavored carts and those too will be a small batch but well worth the work and time.


and as I did carts Honeycomb got the 36 inch tube packed with 105 grams of platinum kush breathe for extraction.

She ran 3 cans of pure322 by MetaVega and into the Pyrex dish. Running the warm water bath....

Once collected and weighed we yielded 27 grams in return. This will be cured for dabs.

some of our past extractions we have curing now 👇

different stages of curing ... 💚 it 😊

Grow Rooms

yesterday morning we did some well needed training on these 🌈 gobstoppers and 🍌 French 🍪. Watering with plain ph water Ayer between 5.5-6.5 these girls should be getting a feeding here tomorrow.. watering in between feedings is usually a good idea. Specially if your a synthetic grower like me using Advanced Nutrients. These nutrients were my first pick ever and still my pick now at least until I fully understand how all of it works. I would love to get into organics but that would mean I need to make time to learn again and I’m down for it just not quite ready yet. G8LED C3 did get dimmed down a bit. And of course the Bloom Booster is off.

And under the 400 watt metal halide the autoflowers are looking not bad. We will be prepping another smaller grow room to run autos and odd ball genetics and getting back to feminizing. These autos have been topped.... there was only one set of auto flowers I grew out that grew out amazingly and I believe if I ever grow autos again I will be going back to those which were the Creature Bear OG by 802Genetix awesome autos coming from this guy 💯

Cart Buddy

Wow 🤩 what a guy to meet. “mR Cartbuddy” sent us some samples of his cart buddy. And he also took it upon him self to help me with my prototype I’m coming up with for vac chambers. If your a home extractor and use a 2 litre chamber please contact me as I need testers here in the near future. But the cart buddies themselves 👆

Are 🔥 so maybe we will see some wax room productions cart buddies in the near future

*** notice ***

Our 3 gram jars we did a deal on the other day is going to stick for good I believe... 100$. Also shipping for all of our other products will only be on wednesdays and Friday’s now. Trying to keep up with things and making this schedule will help keep things going smoothly on my end. Of course if there is an ”emergency” there will always be exceptions. 🎉 💯 💚

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