Flushing the cabin and yesterday’s extractions

Cabin grow

so we did start flushing these girls yesterday. All we do to flush is water with plain ph water to 6.4-6.8 And water like normal. to flush “normal” you should be watering them with 5x or more then the amount of medium you are using to grow with. 10 gallon pot would need 50 gallons per flush for the 14 days. we are on day 2 of flushing. We had two go male on us .....

We chopped them down and got the material extracted, but this mendo cookie is starting to re-veg and maybe I leave it? But the pollen sacs.... this would mean whatever seeds come from this would be unstable? Or does that mean they will be fem seeds if allowed to veg and pollinate itself? Well let it do whatever it wants I guess for now.


Yesterday we picked up two different strains. One is ”zkittles” (above) whoch didn’t yield very well but came out 🔥...

Using one can of pure322 organic solvent from Metavega we blasted 20 grams of flower and cake out with just over 3 grams of extract. And the 👃 on it is awesome. The second strain we picked up was AK47 which had about the same outcome. So we are on the hunt for more material. We got that cabin grow about done and most of that will be blasted.


And we are getting more and more Wax Toom Productions products. new jars and carts which we already have but we have new designed shirts/apparel and pen style battery’s coming in soon 🥳

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