Flushing the cabin and autos and moving rooms around soon 🎉 💯 💚

Cabin grow

Day 3 of flushing for the cabin grow. With what we have gone through with this first “test” grow in here, the next round is going to be much better. I have found out that the A/C was cutting the power to the cabin when/if it was kicking on as the lights were coming on. So this morning all I did was shut the A/C off to allow the lights to come on and this morning it has been pretty cool out compared to the last few mornings. These Vivosun 315 watt metal halides put off some heat for sure So in a few we will go back and get the A/C on. 🎉 so at least I know what needs to be done to keep those issues from happening and maybe we get the A/C On a timer to allow the lights to come on before the A/C kicks on.

Flower Room

Flower room is looking awesome. We have three of the “creature bear og” autoflowers in the back which are on day four of flushing. These genetics are from @1212homegrow (Instagram) and these were the “testers”. We kept these in there one gallon fabric pots which I believe helped In these results. We will be waiting for the fade and we will be getting them into the My Herbs Now dryer...

Which so far we do live this dryer. We are looking to get the trim drying rack as well as a few more levels so we can do bigger drys with it. 💯

(Above) creature bear og are fat AF! 🎉

And running that Vivoson the day exhaust fans and charcoal filter has been an amazing addition to this room. 10 days and we will be chopping. in the front of this flower room we have two photoperiods. one under the 1000 watt full spectrum led is the “marshmallow gobbstopper”...

This strain (above) is from @puresmokeboutique (Instagram) and the other photoperiod is the monster cropped “juicy fruit” ....

Which is being powered by two led totaling about 1600 watts (but we know about them led stats 😆) and both photoperiods are in 3 gallon fabrics using Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil. 🎉

Veg Room

we got the veg room pretty well filled up. We have our 7 clones which we took from the “marshmallow gobbstopper” and the “juicy fruit” that are now in flower in the other room. We also have a few of the “mandarin hammer” in here that still sit in there one gallon fabrics. We will try and sex them as soon as possible and with those and the clones there should be enough to at least do another full round in the cabin. We transplanted the Super grape haze along with one of the bag seed girl into 3 gallon smart pots....

And we just watered them in with plain water ph between 6.4-6.8.

Getting that super grape haze transplanted into the 3 gallon fabric


We call them “mandarin hammer” it’s mandarin kush crosses with 9 lbs hammer. These ones should be staying here and going through the grow here, both veg and flower. From @gasinthedeltapass (Instagram) these should be fun ones to flower. 🎉

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