Flower, veg and seedlings with a side of crumble

We started our 11 new seedlings 5 mendo cookies and 6 sour sorbet. The two clones we took from stoner 63 and TS Cubed rooted I just don’t know if they will pull through. In the vegroom with sanctuary seeds we got 8 test clones and the next round will be more properly done. And in the flower room it’s day 26 for Slice The Pie. we are getting towards the end of week two for the others in flower. Between advanced nutrients and ONIT sciences, think we found our combination.

and we are getting to a turning point with our extractions. we extracted one 12 inch with two cans of pure322 organic solvent. Pure322 has changed everything. same Day turn around for finish product with DHO unlike bho whoch takes days to finish. and this strawberry haze strain crumbles and shatters our nicely.

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