Flower room, vegroom, cabin grow and extractions with some new grow equipment and new extractions

Extractions and carts

Here is our latest extraction for wax room. This is what we will have in stock for the next few days. Using pure322 organic solvent this came out a little dark but hits and tastes great.

(Above) is the latest blast for a job we are doing making 50 grape and 50 strawberry cough carts. This was flower that was dried and just before the curing process we blasted, witch is the best time to blast..... we started the winterizing process right in the Pyrex dish...

We flooded the Pyrex dish with just enough grain alcohol to dissolve the extract. Got it into a mason jar and is now in the freezer. Freezing it separates the fats and lipids and then we can filter with some simple coffee filters and another mason jar. We do have a Büchner funnel coming in but I don’t k ow when it will be here

Flower room

flower room is on day 41. Another week or so of feeding and Then we start the flushing. Not much happening in the flower room today, just watching and waiting.

Veg Room

We got four girls left in here. One monster cropped clone and three from seed that we popped from Pure Smoke Boutique. we did hang on to the two males though for I want to do a breeding project but I don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to anything breeding, yet. Today we will start some new beans that we got from the last batch of material. Maybe we’ll get something awesome from it.


The creature bear og are about to be moved somewhere lol. I don’t know if they would do better outdoors or if I should keep them in One of the grow rooms. but these are doing awesome and this round of autos so far is the best round for us with any sort of autoflowers. We had ok success in the past but I think we’ll have this round dialed in for sure. All in one gallon smartpots, I need to find out more information on these to be honest so I can make some better decisions.

New Equipment

The new Vivosun 203 CFM in-line exhaust fan and filter came in yesterday. This will be installed into the cabin grow. The filter will be used in one of the indoor grow rooms to scrub the air of some fire scents. And the fan will be used in the cabin. we will hook it up to the Ink Bird humidity controller and set the parameters to keep the RH levels to where they need to be and minimize molds and any future problems from not having proper air transfer.

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