Flower room getting close, veg room getting trained and PKB extraction


yesterday morning we took the 12 inch extraction tube out of the freezer, packed with 41 grams of platinum Kush breathe, we ran 2 can of pure322 and yielded 10.4 grams of wax in the end. We took 4 grams of it and started our next winterizing project. this will be used for more blue berry cartridge juice.

We dropped the 4 grams of wax into a mason jar and then covering it with 190 proof grain alcohol. And now this morning it still sits in the freezer. We kept it in there over night so we can winterize. Dissolving in alcohol and freezing separates the fats and lipids. When we filter we actually keep it in the freezer, if it warms up to much during the filtering process the lipids will liquify again and slide through the filter. Then you usually don’t realize till it’s to late and you’re Cary tastes burnt

we have been going through a bit more pure322 then usual. This solvent is second to none. Quality and yield are above the bar


day 51 of flower for “slice the pie” and day 36 for the other three in here. Today we start the flushing period on the “slice the pie”, having about 14 days left a two week flush is in order. We have a new 1000 watt LED coming from “Grow Light Official” that is to be installed in this room. We will move one of the weaker LED’s to the veg room so we can have a better vegging room. Keeping our indoor grows in 3 gallon pots seem to be perfect for our grows. We will be getting back to smartpots fully. We just used the plastic ones because that’s all we had at that moment.


veg Room is bumpin lol.... three girls awaiting to go into flower have about 4 more weeks before they get moved into the flower room. That should be just enough time to get our canopys to where we want them. We have Simple Yield Solutions on the ”Dairy Shake” and we topped her yesterday, only on anything that was shooting upbtaller then the others. But we want fat flowers and colas so we need this vegging time.

And then everything in the one gallon pots are basically going to the outdoor grow. We have 8 monster cropped clones and 7 from seed. “Sour sorbet” “mendo cookies” and one feminized “Durban poison”. What doesn’t make it to the outdoor grow will stay in the veg room and veg until the flower room is cleared out again. Using Vulx volcanic mineral amendment we mixed in 75 grams per gallon of medium. Retaining water for a longer period of time and making your nutrients more readily available for your roots to uptake

every few days or so we work on there canopys. Low stress training and super cropping are some great techs to use if your growing in tight spaces like a closet grow


we got in five new crazy exotic strains from Pure Smoke Boutique and we started one of each strain yesterday. We are parting some of them to at least one other grower and get a couple grows going with these. I can officially say I am the first in the world with these genetics.

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