Flower extractions, CRC filtering and grow room update 🎉 💯 💚


Today we started on extracting the outdoor flower we have been drying in the “My Herbs Now” dryer. And it’s the perfect time to blast....

Still packing the tubes lightly we are using the 18 inch extraction tube. Running two cans per tube and running each one in a warm water bath

The first blast we collected and got into a sealed container for curing...

And the second blast we did we got dissolved in alcohol and filtered preparing for cartridges.

(Above) is what the trim run cured into. A puddy and this sort of a first for us. Usually a sauce or a sugar/crumble.


Today we got our B80 powdered clay. We attempted four filterings today with not much progress. We are learning how to properly pack the clay so it can have the correct suction and filtering without issues 🤣 ya.... we’ll try again tomorrow morning. I will prepare everything tonight and when we are ready we will wet the powder and press it to seal things up and we’ll try again

We will get this down eventually. Again the first ones we tried today had no noticeable results I should say. So maybe with A super cold solution first thing in the morning we can get it to filter correctly.

And we are using two layers of 1.5 micron lab filters and two layers of regular coffee filters And then we are experimenting on how thick to pack the B80 and the best way to do it. It’s definitely going to take a bit to get it right.

and today we got another master case of pure322 which is 48 cans of solvent. You can find it at www.pure322.com and use “waxroom10” for a discount on your first purchase

Flower room

This morning we brought a bubba hash into flower today. Just needing to keep this flower room full at all times is a must. So we have the bubba hash, two mandarin hammers and two creature bear og autoflowers. Veg Room

We got the last two feminized bubba hash that we will stay on top of with training and giving these a few more weeks of veg so we can create the canopy we want for best results.

And then the four Strawnanna tangilope we have in the one gallon fabric pots. We just topped them yesterday and once we sex these correctly we will transplant the females into 3 gallon fabric pots and finish out there cycles. Well take cuttings and we I’ll reverse one of the clones once it’s time.

Reversal project

The marshmallow Gobbstopper has been doing great with the reversal. We just now wait for the right moment to chop that branch and slap those pollen sacks into the rest of the female flowers. we will be careful as much as possible when doing so

Apparel and accessories

find your wax room hoodies and pen battery’s at waxroomproduction.com/shop 🎉 💯 💚

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