flipping into flower Thursday, start training Friday

Flower room

Thursday we are flipping into flower. We will do a stripping of the bottom 1/3rd of these two photoperiods, in the 3 gallon fabric pots, and take what we can for clones. Will be using our new 12 site cloner and still need to get some clonex solution for the cloner. We got the “creature bear og” auto crosses doing well and this room will be fed Thursday. we do have all five lights on in here. our nutrients will be adjusted to 10ml grow and 15ml of micro and bloom for the flower period. nitrogen levels can come down once in flower.

Veg room

Veg room holds two more that we brought in from outside off the “deck of males” 😂 but I believe these two will be transplanted into 3 gallon pots and will be brought into the flower room after a week or so of vegging in there new homes. 11 of the ones in the one gallon pots will start to be trained this week. We will use paper clips and small clips to “tie down” for our low stress training process. We do have that one super tape haze in there we are hoping to be a female so we can turn her into a mother plant. Told this super grape haze is something special And keeping it flowering in our rooms will be awesome.

(Above) the super grape haze has not been topped like the others. we do have a low watt led light we picked up for this mother plant.


mandarin kush X 9 lbs hammer are moving along. These will stay in there one gallon pots till we can sex them before transplanting them. we are planning on running these here in the indoor grow. Expecting half to be males, hopefully not. And I do believe these are going to be the last beans we pop for awhile. As we get our cloning operation up and going we will finish growing out all the ones we have popped from seed and transfer over to starting with clones. Cloning cuts off some grow time allowing a quicker rotation of the rooms and a more consistent Harvesting of flower.

im still in Tennessee and will be picking my daughter up at noon and will be headed home with her 🎉 so exciting and what a relief it is to have both sides agree with me.

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