Few extractions, cartridges and a grow lab update 🥳 💯 💚


Here is yesterday morning, we are finishing up the winterizing for the next batch of carts we made in strawberry 🍓 cough. once the extract was ready for the vac chamber it only takes 1-3 hours of chambering before it’s ready for cartridges.

And we got 14 one gram carts filled up and a few 1/2 gram carts for head stash. They hit great as always and taste 🔥 🎉

we then got another 18 inch tube packed up with “mother of berries” that was blasted just for dabs. We collected it and sealed it up for curing.

then this blast 🎉 done by @honeycomb715 as she packed and blasted a 6 inch tube using zkittlez and mother of berries and got a great return. She took some alcohol and we flooded the dish

and got the distraction dissolved and sealed in a mason jar and got it frozen for filtering and the next flavor cartridges about to come out is going to be “banana og”. we have never done banana before and it does smell 🔥 but I don’t know how its gonna hit 🎉 Feminizing

the marshmallow Gobbstopper got a lighting upgrade. We had a couple lights doubled up in the flower room so we grabbed one of the 600 watt and got it fixed up in the 2x4 isolation tent. These pollen sacks should mature shortly here. And once they are ready we may delicately “harvest“ the pollen and the. Blow it on to the rest of the female flowers. And I’m not sure but I do believe this would be considered an “IBL”? This is my first go at “pollen chucking”? and doing it with a reversal is pretty cool.

Flower Room

Flower room 🎉 Xmas? Nope just another day of plants 🤣 today we will feed this room with Advanced Nutrients at 8ml bud candy, 10ml of grow, 15ml of micro and 15ml of bloom per gallon of water. Three mandarin hammers and two creature bear og F2 autos.

Veg Room

veg room is nice and comfy. With the four Strawnanna tangilope and the three feminized bubba hash. We are working on there canopys keeping it even as possible and creating as many bud sites as possible that will allow for the best yield and finish while using our space efficiently

Cabin Grow

So the one random girl in the cabin that came from seed has been doing awesome and now I’m finding “nanners“ on her but I think I’m just going to leave her in here and allow her to finish up. I do t believe we will have much issue effecting the other girls but that chance is there so keeping an eye out is key.

Outdoor Grow

the small outdoor grow is coming out 🔥 every single one is starting to turn a color and there all different, these too were also random seed girls. This one above is turning an awesome purple on the flower itself.

Above, her actual flower is still holding an awesome light green color but the foliage is turning an awesome purple and yellow colors.

and this one is probably the most frostiest at the moment

Apparel and accessories

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