Fem mg, seedlings on seedlings, spring water and extracts πŸŽ‰ πŸ’― πŸ’š

Vivosun 5x5 MG

And we just got to the end of week one of flower. This week we will do a lollipoping. Knocking out the bottom 3rd of each girl. This will redirect the energy to bud sites that actually have the proper lighting and will produce something worth while. Today these girls will be getting fed and possibly do the defoliating today but we got other things that need our attention. seedlings and fems

We now have 8 feminized marshmallow gobstoppers into one gallon fabric pits and in with the fem bubba hash, fruit salad and critical +2.0. Six of these will be kept here for the next round in the 5x5. And we got more seedlings on the way.


And we also got 4 more strains from our buddy across the way πŸ˜‚ all photoperiod regulars but the seeds are the most πŸ”₯ looking seeds I have seen yet.

And we got 12 of these new seeds into 12 rock wool cubes. Soaking the rock wool in ph water for a few hours allowing the blocks to hydrate properly. Once hydrated we dropped our seeds into the block and covered the seed up with some of the rock wool fibers. And this seedling tray is on top of a heating pad set to medium ( what ever temp that is) and we should see some seedlibgs popping through quickly. The strains have been labeled and the rock wool cubes lined up perpendicular to the label on the side. We also have three last fem marshmallow gobstoppers that have just popped and should be coming through today.

Getting plants real water πŸ’¦

a couple towns over we have an awesome natural spring that has been cared for quite well. Well now there is heavy talk of this spring being torn down and this area being turned into a sand pit!! Who in there right fucking mind is going to do something like this and ruin such a great source of fresh clean water. I have been coming here for nearly 25 years. 😒 don’t want it gone. So I packed the car with all the empty gallon we have and filled em. Splitting the 50 gallons between both places for the plants.


and our most recent extraction of the Jesus og is done curing. Today we will be doing more extractions after our errands This morning. So stay tuned and follow our page on Instagram @waxroomproductions_official

And we got the new stickers in for our 1/8th jars πŸŽ‰ we will get many more made. As we are coming up on a resupply month.

wednesday is our next giveaway so sign up today snd we will email you as soon as we post the next giveaway πŸŽ‰ πŸ’―

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