Extractions, winterizing and grow update 🎉 💯 💚

Extractions and cartridges

We grabbed another 28 Grams of “mother of berries” and we got about 20 grams of it packed in the 18 inch tube. We ran two cans of pure322 pure322.com through it and into the Pyrex.

Running the pytex through the warm water bath, purging off the bulk of the solvent. Usually go till there is no more movement

With this extraction of “mother of berries” we are winterizing for another batch of cartridges. So we flooded this with alcohol and got it dissolved. Once fully dissolved we got it I tk a mason jar and sealed it. bringing it to freezing will create the separation and we will then filter with the Buckner funnel.

Once filtered it’s time to purge off the alcohol. Once that it is done we finish it off in the vac chamber.

And once it’s done we’ll weigh it up and put our carts together.

Trim Run-

We did a trim run with the 6 inch extraction tube and the trim from the mandarin hammer. And it came out amazing.

extraction job-

We did an extraction job for someone and it did not cone out bad but it came out dark for being a fresh harvest. This was 56 grams yielding 1.6 grams. earthy tones to it. The strain was “deep cheese”

Out Door Grow

These girls are amazingly thick and super surprised with the results with them being out so late. But a couple are starting to get a fade and we just need to keep an eye on them with it being the “wet season” now you gotta watch out for issues like mold and bud rot and pushing this harvest as far as it can go. All random bag seed girls and super super fucking happy with them

We got a few turning a deep purple 🥳

Cabin Grow

we just fed the cabin. 8ml of bud candy

10ml of grow 15ml of micro and 15ml of bloom All from Advances Nutrients. we could have done a better lollipopping but most of this is gonna be going for extraction anyway I believe along with the outdoor girls.

Most of these are the “marshmallow Gobbstopper“ clones and we do have one random bag seed and 1 juicy fruit clone.

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