Extractions, grow rooms and GD Issues, fml

yestersay we packed and blasted the 18 inch extraction tube that was packed with a mix of “no name” and “platinum Kush breathe” flower. Using two cans we got an awesome yield, larger then normal, from 55 grams of material. Metavega and there pure322 organic solvent is something else. Formulated to extract 100% of the cannabinoids, when used properly, and it truly brings out the essence of your material better then any other solvent making for some of the best tasting and highest quality concentrates. Cutting down on production time by 95-98% we only use the vac chamber for different finishes.

day 45 of flower for “slice the pie” and we on week five for the other three. We have “stoner 63” “stoner 63-2” and “TS Cubed” all four from sanctuary seeds. We watered and fed heavy yesterday so we won’t be doing much in here today. We did some light defoliating yesterday just opening up some bud sites to the light. all sitting in 3 gallons of fox farm ocean forest soil. We will be running only three plants on here on the next round of flowering. We will be taking some pics today with the microscope so we can finally get view on these trichomes and see if we can get a more accurate reading on where they are right now

veg room filled with clones and seedlings. Clones were monster cropped and then transplanted into one gallon smartpots. we have fox farm ocean forest soil and we mixed in 75 grams of Vulx volcanic mineral amendment. making your nutrients more readily available for your roots to uptake and it also retains water more. Three girls in the 3 gallon pots are getting ready for the flowerroom. And the “sour sorbet””mendo cookies” and the feminized “Durban poison” are all going to either the out door grow or will be finishing there veg cycle in this room.

we got three “channel fever” that popped through the other day and we got two transplanted into one gallon pots in regular fox farm ocean forest, no amendments. we will be giving them there first shot of nutrients in a few days.

and we now get our water for free like everyone in this world should have. Filling 10 gallons a week now at the spring in the next two towns over. I feel better about using this water. become a member of the site and be the first to know what’s happening

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