Extractions, carts, fem reversal and grow update 🎉 💯 💚


Over the weekend we got a few batches of carts together. (Above) is our latest batch we made up in “ grape 🍇 ape 🦍”

the previous batch was done in “Pineapple express” both flavors using the “mother of berries“ strain we extracted with pure322 organic solvent and then put through our winterizing process.

(Above) is the previous batch we made Friday in Pineapple Express.

starting From the beginning, we pack roughly 25-28 grams of ”mother of berries” flower Into the 18 inch extraction tube. At this point we either freeze the tube or straight to blasting.

After running two cans of pure322 organic solvent into the Pyrex we run it through a warm water bath that purges off the bulk of the solvent. These extractions with the “MOB“ have been going straight Into cartridges. So we flood the Pyrex dish with 190 proof grain alcohol

Dissolving the extract and getting it sealed in a mason jar allows us to get the solution into the freezer and bring it down to freezing temperature. this allows the fats and lipids to seperate whoch we can then filter out.

We use a Buckner funnel fitted with a simple coffee filter and hooked to the vac pump using surgical tubing.

After filtering we then purge the alcohol off using a heat pad and then finishing it off in the vac chamber

only a few hours and playing with the pressures is all it takes to finish cleaning it up

And then We proceed to make cartridges. After weighing yo the concentrate we add double that in flavor, heat and then mix. 5 grams will make 15 one gram carts

And then we fill Then

Tropical wizard

15 grams of flower and we pulled 1.8 grams of extract. We got this the other day still potted. We chopped her dried her up in the My Herbs Now Dryer

came out beautifully with a great 👃

Mandarin Hammer

Mandarin hammer was another awesome yielding strain we grew. We dried it in the My Herbs Now Dryer and we test blasted 15 grams in the 6 inch extraction tube and using one can of pure322 organic solvent we came out with 3.2 grams of extract. Pure322.com and use “waxroom10” for a discount 🥳 💯 💚

Isolation and feminizing

after moving the marshmallow Gobbstopper to the flower room, the branch we were treating started sprouting female pollen sacks. So we moved it back to the isolation tent but we need to get a better light for this isolation tent. Once the pollen sacks are matured we will dust the rest of the plant with this pollen.

Cabin Grow

These girls are happy 😃 🎉 all in 5 gallon fabric pots and being fed Advanced Nutrients at 8ml bud candy, 10ml of grow, 15ml of micro and 15ml of bloom per gallon of water while doing a flush between feedings and allowing the pots to completely dry out is probably one of the biggest top I can give you at the moment when it comes to watering and feeding.

Flower Room

Now we have 3 mandarin hammers in here. Moving the marshmallow Gobbstopper back out and into the isolation tent allowed more room to move on the rest of the hammers. also in here are the last two creature bear og F2 by 802_Genetix. We do need to fix the light that is over those autos with a new one. Only half is lighting up. few more weeks and we should be taking down the next mandarin hammer 🎉

Veg Room

The veg room ...... we only have the three feminized bubba hash sitting in there 3 gallon fabrics and we now have the four Strawnanna tangilope by Pure Smoke Boutique in there one gallon fabrics in here. In a few weeks we will flip these Strawnanna tangilope into flower and see what we have for females. If we do have a male I may wanna try and keep it and harvest the pollen but I would need another tent or two

(Above pic was taken just before the movement of the marshmallow Gobbstopper back to this tent and these being moved to the veg room)

Remember you can head over to waxroomproduction.com/shop to get your Wax Room Productions pen battery as well as wax room hoody’s and shirts. 🎉 💯 💚

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