Extractions, cartridges and the MH is frosty AF and getting her ready 🎉 💯 💚


💥 so I forgot I had this early harvest flower still kickin 🤣 and we ran out of dabs so we got to packing 20 grams of this “random” flower into the 6 inch extraction tube. We ran one can of pure322 through it and we yielded roughly 2.5 grams. Just over 10-12% return, I did not do the actual math

It has a great color and a great nose 👃 on it but again the yield was not there. But we collected this up and got it sealed up for curing

And for things to “cure” properly and sugar and crumble up there needs to still be a touch of solvent left in it. This is what helps cause the finish we love so much 💥.


We recently just ran out of our “wax room” cartridges 😞 but we have more one gram as well as 1/2 gram carts as back ups for now. And these grape 🍇 🦧 carts were made with the last of the Kashmir kush we had.

*steps from material to ready extract for cartridges

-extracted with pure322 organic solvent

-dissolved in 190 proof grain alcohol

-brought to freezing temps to create the separation

-filtered through the Buckner funnel

and then its ready for the vac chamber as you see above. This is the last step on cleaning up the freshly winterized extract. It’s then ready to be weighed up and figure how many carts can be made. The ratio is 2:1 on the mixing. 2ml of flavor per one gram of extract.

Flower Room

we have 9 days left of flushing of this mandarin hammer. The day this one gets the chop the other mandarin hammer will start its flush period. Amazing finish on this strain. We maybe using the My Herbs Now dryer for this one as well. we do have the two Creature Bear Og F2 autos

in the back under The 1000 watt led. And the third mandarin hammer in the back under the 800 watt led. Today was just a plain watering ph between 6.4-6.8 and this is ideal tolerances for all soil grows. Coco based grows will wanna keep the ph around 5.4-5.8.

And to help this mandarin hammer reach its full genetic potential we added some stress techs. we usually take the time to split the main stocks.

What splitting of the main stocks do is help the production of resin. When a plant thinks it’s dying, specially towards the end of its life cycle, it creates more resin as a defense mechanism..... awesome 🤣 so we do it to every girl that is finishing properly towards the end In the flower room.

merch and accessories

Waxroomproduction.com/shop is where you can find the start of the “wax room productions“ line up of apparel and accessories 🥳 check the shop out and if anything let me know why I can do better

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