Extractions, cartridges, and full grow update. New flavors coming soon 🎉 💯 💚


Our latest extraction over the weekend was this 👆 we got two different strains “legendary” and “sugar cane” which was evenly mixed 1:1.

Honeycomb packed two 18 inch tubes and running 1.5 cans through each of pure322 organic solvent by Meta Vega which you can find at www.Pure322.com and using “waxroom10” will get you a discount 🎉. Once extracted we are ready for the warm water bath.

Placing the Pyrex dish into a bowl of warm water, this is where 90% of the purging takes place. Once reduced down to a goo we are ready to collect and weigh.

At this point 98% of the solvent has ridden itself from the extract and from here we will start the curing process. So from 60 grams of mixed flower we pulled just over 15 grams of extract which is about a 25% yield on this run. 🎉 now we just let it sit and cure for a bit till we get that sugar sauce or even crumble if we left it long enough.

Cartridges & process

yesterday we did get a small batch of carts done for a job. 👆 these are full spectrum “PKB” in “zkittlez”

we took the last 16 grams of the shatter and weighed to make sure and started the process.

We dropped the shatter into our mixing glass and then measured out the Terps and added to the glass.

Using flavors from Terps USA we chose zkittlez as that has been a big hit lately.

After adding the Terps we gently warm the glass and then mix. 👆 looks like caramel 😋

And we got to open the new “flat” of full glass carts. And we filled 22 cartridges.

We also started to fill a few 1/2 gram disposables that I believe we will be doing more of. These are great for on the go.

strawnana tangilope

We have about 2-3 weeks left before we harvest. We will be getting the 1000x microscope 🔬 and checking trichomes and figuring out a window for harvest.

And just feeding her Advanced Nutrients 3 part line up with bud candy. Keep it simple....

Feminized Marshmallow gobstoppers

And the marshmallow gobstoppers were ready to be transplanted into 3 gallon fabric pots.

so honeycomb transplanted the marshmallow gobstoppers and the ten bag seed seedlings all into fabric pots.

After they were transplanted we fed them using Advanced Nutrients. We will veg these till we are basically wall to wall before we flip into flower.

👆 and those are the roots of the bag seed seedlings 🌱 they don’t look bad but definitely ready to be potted into one gallon fabric pots and then too were fed using Advanced Nutrients.

Feminized seedlings

And in one of our smaller tents we have four girls going under the 1000 watt equivalent led. we have two bubba hash that we had left over from last year which we will take cuttings and clones of and same with the other two strains in here.

one of the strains is “critical+2.0” from Dina Fem Seeds

And the other is “fruit salad” by Expert Seeds.


under This new 630 watt led the 🌈 gobstoppers and the 🍌 French cookie are doing awesome. We have about another 3-4 weeks before we fully are ready to flip back into flower for good.

Wednesday we will be posting our giveaway like usual and as always follow our main Instagram page for real time updates. The new account is @waxroomproductions_official 🎉 💯 💚

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