Extractions, cabin grow and outdoor grow, feminizing

extraction of both strains

we got the rest of the muff krusha extracted and is basically gone now. This strain takes roughly 48 hours for it to properly cure to our liking. We started and just finished the extraction of the “purple train wreck”

Purple train wreck also came out fire. Above is just after the warm water bath and just before collections

And this strain cures in less then 24 hours. All of our extractions are done with pure322 organic solvent by Meta Vega and the way this solvent performs allows us to gain a higher yield with a terp profile that you just won’t get with other solvents.

Above we have the muff krusha to the left and the purple train wreck to the right. Color is always strain dependent when we are working and dealing with fresh product. darker colors will come out the older the material gets and the trichomes start to “rust”. We are looking for more


Cabin Grow

its been two days since we been to the cabin and today opening the door.... Xmas, love it. All six are now in week two of flower and we fed them Advanced Nutrients 10ml of grow and 15ml of

micro and bloom per gallon of water. We also did a good defoliating of the bottom 1/3rd and a selective defoliating at the top.

So now we just love them for the next 6 weeks and make sure they get what they need. And we are getting the next round of girls ready for the cabin which I do believe will be the bubba hash clones 🎉

Feminizing tent

we are on day 8 of feminizing this marshmallow Gobbstopper clone. Still not seeing much happening but we still have 6-13 days to go Of spraying the reversal spray. We have the light cycle 12/12 and again day 8 of flower.

Outdoor Grow

checking up on the outdoor girls and things look good. These were brought out late but are now starting to flower beautifully. This area these are in will be tilled after harvest and we will prep for a better organic grow next year. These are all random bag seed girls and actually impressed with all the stress they have gone through

This one 👆 is the best one out of all of them 🎉 and the stock is super thick. All of these have been givin some generac organic feed which I don’t think did anything really. I will be doing my home work over the winter and gaining the knowledge I need for a proper out door organic grow.

Mendo cookie herm/reveg project

the last round in the cabin we had things starting to herm and this mendo cookie was harvested and extracted but we left a little bit of green on it and it revegged awesomely and now it looks to be showing to be female and is starting to flower. Hopefully it flowers all the way through without any issues. 🎉

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