Extractions, bubba hash clones and grow lab update 🎉 💯 💚


Yesterday morning was the first morning in a long time I have been able to get up like I’m supposed to, and boy did we get some stuff done 🤣. We did 5 extractions yesterday morning. We packed the 18 inch tube up 4 times with some 🔥 trim. Trim is a mix of “mother of berries” “agent orange” and few others I forget. But this is being used for cartridges.

And with each blast, we blast one tube and send it through the warm water bath and once the bulk was purged off we blasted right on top with the next tube. Repeating this 3 times. And as always using pure322 organic solvent which you can try for yourself using “waxroom10” at www.pure322.com 🎉 💯 💚

(Above) here is the first blast...

(below) is the fourth and final extraction

And we did collect this and get it stored into a large slick. We will take out what we need when making a batch of cartridges. And we do have some winterizing to do, last batch of cartridges went like water. 🎉

“CBOG” My Herbs Now

We got the creature bear og F2 autoflowers I to the “My Herbs Now” dryer. I do believe today the smaller pop corn buds will be ready to jar. The two colas buds anyway will take another day.

Bubba hash cuttings

We got 7 cuts from the feminized Bubba Hash, from “The Attitude seed bank”, and got them into the 12 site Cloner. Scrapping the bottom inch of the stem to help the process.

We are using Clonex clone solution. Mixing 20ml to one gallon of water, which is suffice for this set up

Mixing with a spatula for a minute or so and then we used our Blue Labs combo meter and got the ph between 5.5-6.5 and we got it to about 6.4

after a few days we will come bavk through and replace the fluid while upping the concentration from 20ml to 30ml per gallon of water.

Flower Room

After getting the two autos harvested it has opened up a spot in the flower room but the spot it opened has light that is only working half way. So we do need to get a new light 🤦‍♂️ $$$ 🤣. So we got two mandarin hammers left and one feminized bubba hash. so I believe finding a good full spectrum LED would be a good replacement for that light.

And ever since adding in “bud candy” by Advanced Nutrients our trichome and terp production has increased by a lot 😂. And feeding everything that comes through this flower the same regiment... 10ml of grow, 15ml of micro and 15ml of bloom with 8ml of bud candy 🍭

We did some defoliating opening up some more bud sites and allowing light to get places it wasn’t and getting rid of stuff that isn’t worth the time

Veg Room

Vegroom 🤣 so fucking happy with how everything is coming together. The two feminized bubba hash ate about to be stuffed into the flower room. We did top these and do some super cropping so really another 5 days or so is needed before we bring them into flower. These are the ones we took the cuttings from for the cloner. And again we got the 4 Strawnanna Tangilope ready to be sexed. And we can then start transplanting after we figure what are females and males. Bubba hash is from The Attitude Seed Bank and the Strawnanna tangilope is from Pure Smoke Boutique.

Apparel and accessories

Head over to waxroomproduction.com/shop where you can place your orders for wax room production hoodies, shirts, pen battery’s and soon we will have trucker hats and beanies.

And from Stash Logix we have two of there products we are using for traveling and stashing. First one on the left is the new one that just came out. A simple “binder” style more for your battery’s and cartridges and “doob tubes”. To the right is the lockable, smell proof case that we use for waxes, extracts and holding smaller accessories for the day, never know when someone needs a battery or a dab tool 🤣 I’m ready for ya . Find Stash Logix on Instagram https://instagram.com/stashlogix?igshid=7azqudsv24sc

And we will be back to posting here Monday morning. Sign up today to become a member and never miss what’s happening in Wax Room Productions 🎉 💯 💚

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