Extractions and grow rooms

we have been washing the dishes and tools we use to extract with now at the end of each day. we use 190 proof grain alcohol to wash these and then we save it. we will be doing another winterizing project here soon. We will get the green out and get it filtered. We blasted both strains yesterday. Each strain filled The 12 inch extraction tube up perfectly. The new strains are called “slap wagon” and “chem Fire” and they yielded ok but then”platinum Kush breathe” has been the best one to extract yet. And I have a pic of the frozen extraction tube. All extractions should be done out side and with the proper protection. Once that pure322 starts running through it it freezes up much more then when using butane.

As of yesterday we have two “sour sorbet” that have sprouted. Our 8 clones are doing well and it’s day 27 of flower for the “slice the pie“ and day 14 for the others. All of these are from sanctuary seeds.

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