Extractions and grow room update

So yesterday we finished trimming up the TS Cubed and Stoner 63 and we got the trim packed into the 6 inch mini extraction tube. We froze it and then blasted it and brought out almost 5 grams of fire concentrate. So we know we are not pulling green anymore with “fresh” material as long as it’s fully dry we can avoid the green. If you need help please feel free to contact me and I will help you make fire in your own home. Super passionate about everything in wax room, and if you are too we would work together well.

And below is the finished trimmed flower that the trim came from that we blasted...

we also have a small mason jar ready to filtered. we will be doing at least two filtering. We are getting a burnt taste half way through the cartridge. When we first started we were filtering the three times cuz I was so nervous of that happening. but now we know where are winterizing is. maybe some real equipment and we will have our winterizing down and perfected. Perfecting a craft with “nothing” prepares you to be a rockstar when you do start getting the right equipment. And it’s all about learning what is actually going on. Growing up motor cross my mind would link my foot all the way through the engine every time I shifted, I knew what was going on every time I flipped that shifter and hammered that throttle, we doing the same thing now so when I get my rocket ship ain’t nothin stopping us lol. If that makes sense...

Checking the flower room this morning... and whoa the dairy shake is stretching and looking super happy. One of the happiest girls we have had in two years. She sits under two lights one is the new 1000 watt LeD and a 600 watt led that we doubled up knowing we would need the extra light. Keeping your lights as close as possible with out burning the tops should be something you take a few weeks on. Learn your lights and you’ll learn to grow awesome flower. Same thing with your nutrients. I believe it’s not that actual nutrients and what company made them.... it’s how you use them nutrients and how you learn to use them. We use simple fucking nutrients and barely ph the actual solution. We do keep up with the ph in the medium regularly with our combo meter from Blue Labs.

And the exotics..... from Pure Smoke Boutiques these girls are going to be my “holy grail“ grow, just crazy names strains and once these girls are about two more weeks older we will be doing something’s with them. The T5 works well and actually you can flower with T5 lights, how indoor growing started back in the day. So keeping these style lights within inches from the tops is needed. Everything got fed yesterday and today we just let all the rooms dry out.

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