Extraction yield, grow room update


yesterday morning we ran The 18 inch extraction tube. With it being packed with 68 grams of “slap wagon” and topped off with 10 grams of “7up” flower we ran 3 cans of pure322 organic solvent from MetaVega. after we blast into the Pyrex we place that dish into a bowl of hot water, warm water bath, witch boils off the bulk of the solvent. With pure322 boiling off at a much lower temperature then butane or propane it’s safe for consumption hours after blasting. No vac chamber is needed.

Once it’s ready we use a couple of razors and a clean slick and take the time to get everything we can.

This blast yielding Over 22 grams of concentrate. Amazing

Flower room

Day 54 Of flower for “slice the pie“ and it’s on day 4 of its flush period. And day 40 of flower for the “stoner 63” “stoner 63-2” and “TS Cubed”. All from Sanctuary Seeds. While the pie is getting flushed the other three just got fed there usual Advanced Nutrients and Onit Sciences organic grow additive mix. Mixing 10 ml of grow, 16 ml of micro and 16 mo of bloom adding in 5 ml of ONIT to one gallon of distilled water

we got our new 1000 watt equivalent light installed in here as well. From “Grow Light Official” freeing up another weaker led that we installed in the veg room.

Veg room and seedlings

Yesterday we made some room in here. We pulled most of the small girls in the one gallon pots and left three of the bigger ones to stay under the new led we moved j to here from the flower room. And we moved them to the table that holds the T5. We installed some light hangers so we can adjust the light properly....

this table is now being used for what it was planned for. we also got our new beans being germinated on the same table.

And after a long waited time we finally got Simple Yield Solutions support system on the dairy shake. This one and the two others are prepping to be moved into the flower room as soon as the flower room is cleared and harvested. This suppor/scrog system is an amazing piece to increase your yields especially if you are growing in tight spots or are limited to a plant count. One canopy done properly can yield as much as 3-4 plants again done properly

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