Extraction yield, full grow update and what’s coming next 🥳 💯 💚

Merry Xmas!! And let’s makes 2021 fucking awesome


So we got a small extraction done. We took 35 grams of Devine breathe flower and we packed the 6 inch extraction tube. This pack was tighter then usual but the material was bone dry. 👍 and we ran 1.5 cans of pure322 organic solvent.

after running 1.5 cans into through the tube and into the Pyrex dish, we ran the warm water bath until the bulk of solvent was purged.

We then collected the extract and we got it onto our pink food safe silicone and we went straight to the vac chamber with it.... correct 😂 we are not curing this one like we usually do.

using pure322, you don’t have to vac purge but this time we did. we ran this in the vac chamber for roughly 12 hours.

And as we finish this small extraction up we weighed it and from 35 grams of material we came out with exactly 7.9 grams of extract. 🥳

And we just got a nice holiday gift from my bud man 😂 and we got 5 zips of the “Devine breathe” and we will be packing the 36 inch tube and running 6 cans or less of pure322. You can try pure322 by going to www.pure322.com and using “waxroom10” will get you a discount. 🎉 we will be doing this today. 💯


we do also have a smaller extraction that was mixed. We have Devine breathe and bubba hash in the other Pyrex dish. We dissolved it with 190 proof grain alcohol and got it into a mason jar 👇

It now sits in the freezer. once the alcohol and dissolved alcohol tract freeze down the fats and lipids become solid, allowing the filtering to filter out these solids which are just plant fats, and allow the creation of a clean extract that we then make our cartridges with. We will be running the Buckner funnel today.

Flower: bubba hash

And the bubba hash..... this was a great strain and super happy with it. But these did herm on us and the last three fem seeds we have of this will be worked on as we feminize more and more strain this strain will be one of the top ones we use for future crosses and products. Just a great flower all around. This flower is now done curing...

Veg room 1 and the autos

So we finally got our popsicle sticks in. these are perfect for labeling plants. Using the label maker we finally labeled the new auto flowers from Error Seeds.

But I’m not sure these labels will hold up. not water proof.

But now all 10 autos are now labeled. We have “LSD” “amnesia haze” and “Durban poison”. Super excited for these and see what comes of them. We still need to back fill some of these if not all of these. Once they germinate and ready for soil I only use about 1/3-1/2 of the pot to allow for stretching.

Veg room 2

💥 we have the new G8LED C3 dimmed down with bloom boost on and set to 18/6 we have the banana 🍌 French cookies 🍪 and rainbow 🌈 gobstoppers. All are being fed Advanced Nutrients and will start to be mixed at full strength today. And the strawnana tangilope will be begged a little longer but will be put in the small grow tent and we will start the flowering stage for this girl. And we took clones of her 👇

strawnana tangilope clones

Today we change out the fluid in this 12 site cloner. using Clonex clone solution we mixed 20 ml of solution to one gallon of distilled water and then ph between 5.5-6.5. Every 4 days or so we change the fluid and up the concentration and the next mix will go from 20ml to 30ml.

New Location-indoor grow

the Vivosun grow is doing ok. All 6 of the fem marshmallow gobstoppers will be getting fed today there first feeding. We will be using Advanced Nutrients and mixing 5ml grow, micro and bloom to one gallon of distilled water. And we finally got another piece installed 🥳 👇

We got the exhaust pipe installed 💥 and yes the conditions have improved and are now easier to control and maintain. Hooked up to the Ink Bird temp controlle

Accessories & Apparel

We are working on some new extract finishes and looking into improving our cartridges. But as always and forever 😂 we got extracts, cartridges, gummies and flower. If you are interested in any information for doing this at home feel free to send us a message.

And we are still waiting for our lost apparel package 😢 but once it does ..... check out our other merch at www.waxroomproductions.com/shop

and Xmas is right around the corner. I wish everyone and I mean everyone a happy holiday and be safe and as always fuck covid and fuck this socialistic state we are still in right now.

I love you.... love yourself and go be happy. You ain’t happy, well it ain’t worth it then. 💯 💚

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