Extraction weight, grow room update and what we are doing today


the last extraction came out to be 14+ grams of concentrate from the 57 Gram pack of platinum Kush breathe flower. Running 2.5 cans of pure322 I’m pretty sure we grabbed all the good stuff the first time.

we had enough material left over that we were able to pack the 12 inch extraction tube. We did extract it this morning and there will be an update on social later on this morning. Packing 41 grams of platinum Kush breathe up she stayed in the freezer over night.


day 50 of flower for slice the pie and day 36 for the “stoner 63” “stoner 63-2” and “TS Cubed” all from sanctuary seeds. We fed heavy yesterday with Advanced Nutrients and ONIT Sciences. Won’t be doing much in here today but as soon as the new 1000 watt led comes in from Grow Light Official we will install her in this room and move one of these weaker led lights to the veg room.

so we are working on getting 10 gallon Smartpots and the medium to fill them. these will be for the outdoor grow. between the sour sorbet, mendo cookies, and the monster cropped clones we should be set for this grow. The clones are using Vulx volcanic mineral amendment. We will be getting one or two of the seedlings, when we transplant, with more of this amendment and get a comparison side by side with it. We may be watering this room today but with Vulx retaining water for a longer period of time, watering is less frequent with the clones. We will be pulling the three girls in the 3 gallon pots out today and work on there canopys.

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