Extraction tube prep. And grow room update

Packing a tube can be one of the most rewarding things you can do with your trim or flower. Using every bit of your plant is something every grower should be thinking about. But what #solvent you blast with can make a huge difference. We started doing #bho using vector and blue flame butane/propane mixes. We mastered that and thought we were done learning lol but then Metavega came across my feed and after some negotiating we got four cases of #pure322 #organic solvent .....

First can we ever ran we treated like it was butane and that was not the right thing to do. After our first tube coming out super dark green I was pissed... Metavega got on the phone with us for the next day or so and we figured it out, and in the end it’s easier to use then butane/propane and the quality that comes from it is second to none. THINGS NOT DO WHEN USING #PURE322:

- do no grind your material up

- do not #extract indoors


- pack tube looser then usual

- freeze the tube after packing

- extract outside or in extremely well ventilated area

I am always available to answer questions and walk you through your first extraction with this solvent

after the lights when our in the #flowerroom we checked to see how dam dark these plants are. They are still dark green but the clawing is starting to un curl and lighter colors are showing on the lower parts. we have just been flushing for the last few days. Ph water to 6.4-6.8 using our Blue Labs #combometer.

Day 39 of #flower for “slice the pie“ and day 27 for the other three. Next round, all three flowering girls will be on the same week instead of this broken up flowering times. We have been flushing them for the last four days trying to get this nitrogen deficiency issue to go away. The clawing has uncurled, still got some clawing.

And the vegroom, lol we got quite a few different strains going. Hopefully we don’t have to many males but if we do find a male or five we will keep the best looking one and we are going to start preparing our set up for breeding. It’s the next big step for wax room and it must be entertained. this veg room got fed yesterday there regiment of advanced nutrients and Onitsciences organic grow additive. And today we blast and focus on the extractions

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