Extraction, trimming, drying and curing 🎉

Extraction 🎉

last night @honeycomb715 went and picked up 112 grams of some older flower material for extraction, didn’t get a strain name tho. This is just to hold us over till our flower has dried to ”our” perfection for extraction. We ran about 95 grams which equaled two 18 inch tubes....

And with this material and the condition it was in we were able to pack a little tighter then usual. Packing a tube is definitely an art form and once you have learned how different material act/react you will then be able to up your yield and will know how to pack material depending on its condition. Dryer it is the tighter you can pack. fresher the material, lighter of a pack. We ran 2 cans per tube of pure322 organic solvent from Meta Vega..

we pulled just over 18 grams of extract from 95 grams of material 🎉 but that only comes out be about a 18% return 😞 but that’s ok, breaking even Is better then losing. And I’m actually happy to see this blast go good after a not extracting for a bit.

Auto flower harvest

here we have the rest of the “creature bear og” autos in the My Herbs Now dryer. It’s day two and it’s been about 26 hours at the time of this picture. We did knock the centers out of level 2 and level 4 to accommodate the fatness of these flowers.

And above is the first “creature bear og” we harvested last week and ran through the dryer. After trimming it up it looks great and the 👃 is superb 🎉

Flower room

we got two photoperiods left on the flower room. One above is the monster cropped “juicy fruit” ..

And the canopy looks great and the coals are stacking well. same with the “marshmallow gobbstopper” from Pure Smoke Boutique (below)

And with both of them properly defoliate and “lolli popped“ we shouldn’t have any larfy buds on these two. And we have about 4 weeks left or so. 🎉

Veg Room

Above we have one of the 7 clones that we took from the marshmallow gonbstopper. These 7 will be transplanted and brought to the cabin to finish vegging and then of course we will flip into flower. We also have a few of the “mandarin hammer” in here which need to be sexed (below)

These “mandarin hammers” need to be gone through and I do believe we have at least one male showing already. The staggered nodes tel me something isn’t right 😂.

Cabin trimming

Yesterday we finished chopping down the. Anon cuz of “herm” issues 😢 . Really electrical issues was the issue. @Honeycomb715 and I trimmed all the fan leaves off and set the temperature controller to 62 degrees and we have the Dan pointing away from them, trying to keep direct air flow off of them but 🎉 also cuz we will have material to blast once again

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