Extraction, training the girls and what’s coming next 🎉 💯 💚


We ended up packing and blasting the rest of the ”random” early harvest flower. again the yield was not there but the actual product came out great. and always using pure322 organic solvent by Meta Vega

Cabin Grow

cabin grow looks good. We are going to water today with plain ph water to 6.4-6.8. We did a feeding two day’s ago and 2 day’s before that we also fed and usually we run a “flush” in between feedings but I had to see how far I can go with feeding till I have to do a flush. But everytime I feed and then check the room the next day things look to have “blown up” 🥳 so in about two weeks we should be planning a microscope day where we come and check to estimate the harvest window.

Flower Room

Flower room is 🦨 and 🧀 🥳 🤣 but the one mandarin hammer has a few more days of flushing and then we will allow the pots to dry out and we will try to lose a lot of the water weight while it’s still in the pot. Doing this will help the drying and curing process. We will start the flush on the next mandarin hammer in about 7-10 days. We have two creature bear og F2 autos in the back under the 1000 watt led which just may be brought to the isolation tent to finish off while we bring the marshmallow Gobbstopper into the flower room.

Veg Room

Veg veg veg..... two mandarin hammers sitting in 3 gallon pots. First one above is our main focus for taking cuttings. Both..

Mandarin hammers are being trained extensively as we go for the epic canopys. we should be able to get a full 12 site Cloner full of cuttings from these two girls by next week.

and the three “bubba hash” are just doing there thing 🤣 they are just starting to pick up some speed on there growth. These three feminized girls will also be getting the training like the mandarin hammers are. I cannot stress enough about the canopy. Work on creating the “perfect” canopy and you will increase your yield quite noticeably up to 20-30% more.

And the newest edition to the veg room are the freshly popped 🤣 Strawnanna tangilope. Only reason they HAD to come in here was because I broke the dam pull chain on the T5 light 😞 but we’ll get on fixing that maybe later today. We will keep these in there one gallon pots until they are properly sexed which we will then transplant into 3 gallon fabrics, take clones, train and do everything we do to make the final result of these girls 🔥 💥

Feminizing and isolation

For the last three weeks we have had this marshmallow Gobbstopper clones in this isolation tent and treating her for reversal. We are getting to the end and we are still not seeing the “reversal” like we should be. I do believe that this clone will be going into the flower room to finish its flowering cycle. We will then prepare another subject for reversal either from the mandarin hammer or the Strawnanna tangilope

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