Extraction to winterization for new carts. Grow room update and clones and seeds soon πŸŽ‰ πŸ’― 🎊

Extractions & winterization

πŸ‘† we picked up another 120 grams of some πŸ”₯ platinum Kush breath. We prepped 90 grams for extraction

Packing the 18 inch tube and using the new ptfe gaskets. 90 grams calls for roughly 3 cans of pure322 which you can find at www.Pure322.com and using β€œwaxroom10” will get you a discount.

πŸ˜‚ and using our new open blasting stand (just a step ladder, perfect for open blasting and hanging the spools) we ran 3 cans of pure322. Once all three cans were fully disbursed we hung the spool up to allow the rest of the solvent to drain out.

we then got our warm water bath going. Using anything over 2 cans of this solvent requires a water change out. It just gets πŸ₯Ά. So I will be looking into getting a hot plate for a source of water to sit on to stay heated. πŸ‘‡ second bowl of warm water

After a few minutes this step is done. Once the bubbles shop moving is when you know the bulk of the solvent has purged. This blast is going straight into the next refining process with our winterizing process.

We took the dish out of the warm water bath, dried the bottom of any water and We then flooded the Pyrex dish and extract with 190 proof grain alcohol. Once full dissolved it’s ready for a sealed mason jar and the freezer.

Once in the mason jar we seal it

in the freezer is where the magic happens πŸ˜‚ as the solution gets to freezing πŸ₯Ά temps the fats and solids become solid. Allowing the alcohol to keep all the valuable cannabinoids as a liquid.

we have at least 12 hours in the freezer. In the meantime we prepare our Buckner funnel. Placing two coffee filters above the glass filter and hooking up the vac pump we are then ready to filter.

The filtering process only takes a minute or so.

πŸ‘† 🀒 and that’s what we pulled out of the extract. Those are the fats and lipids. if this is not pulled out prior to making cartridges you will get a burnt taste and almost instantly clog your cartridges.

πŸ‘† and you can see how much cleaner this looks compared to the mason jar prior to freezing and filtering. Now we purge the bulk of the alcohol off on a heating pad and hopefully this morning we are ready to get it in the vac chamber and finish purging the alcohol and creating the shatter we are looking for so we can get on our new batch of ZKITTLEZ flavored carts.

We got 30 ml of zkittlez and 15 of og Kush. πŸ₯³ hopefully by the end of today we can get these new ones together.

Vivosun 5x5 strawnana tangilope

The strawnana tangilope is looking good. This is the first plant/girl to come through this new setup. This girl was being used for clones and was time to flower her. Under a Vivosun 315 watt CMH. Using Advanced Nutrients as always.

G8LED C3 grow room

still reverting back to veg... some have some fat flowers but we should be getting some killer vigorous growth soon. They look good and the canopies are coming out πŸ”₯ now we just need to keep up with them and keep them even at least till the 2nd week of flower and the. I believe we can ease back. we have one 🍌 French cookie πŸͺ and 4 🌈 gobstoppers that will be transplanted into 3 gallon fabric pots soon. Germination time

We have 3 bubba hash, one fruit salad and one critical +2.0 all feminized that we will be popping next. As we start those we will be taking clones of what we can as we prep for future rounds this week. πŸŽ‰

🎊 Extra Shit πŸ˜‚

We will be doing a giveaway every Wednesday like we have been for the last 3 weeks. Tell your friends! the giveaway will be getting better and a winner will be announced every Friday morning on this blog. If you read this far comment below your favorite way of smoking flower.. bong, pipe, papers...ect πŸŽ‰ and you’ll be entered into today’s secret giveaway πŸ’― πŸ’š

Send us a message if interested πŸ‘‡

Flavors in sour diesel, GSC and zkittles

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