Extraction prep, clone tubes and grow update


so we started doing something that is frowned upon and that is chopping the material up before extraction. But I think we have got our process down to where we can do this and we can keep back the “green” quite well. So we packed the rest of the AK47 flower and got it packed into the 6 inch extraction tube. We have it in the freezer for now and probably won’t run it till the morning to allow things to freeze as much as possible before we run the two cans of pure322 through it.


today we got our clone shippers on which are cool as hell. With the tips that lock they also contain two led lights the keep your clones alive while in transport. These are for a client in Florida who will be receiving clones from what we have growing in our rooms. We try to keep some of the newest and unreleased Strains in our rooms and now can offer clones which is awesome. Three of these tubes will be used for the marshmallow Gobbstopper clones we have going in the 12 site cloner right now.

Cabin Grow

Today we noticed the things cut out yesterday and at a random time. usually as the lights are turning on is where we have the issues but today it was in the middle on the light period. Which today I will deem fine, we flipped this room into flower. Next round we will veg for a longer time. I am trying to campaign a bit to get money so we can properly run our 3 phase to the cabin and have proper electrical hooked up so we can eliminate these problems and allow us to expand 3-4 times what we are doing now. So I’m about 8 weeks we will be harvesting this room, maybe sooner. We are getting the next round of clones together so we can keep this room going and we will be trying to keep her going through the winter which I see may cause some problems if we don’t get things done right now.

Flower room

we have three mandarin hammers we are still waiting to show sex. Once they do 💥 back to the veg room. two mandarin hammers are about 4 weeks into flower and we got a ways to go before we think about harvesting. And same with the random one in the 3 gallon fabric pot. She already had a killer skunk 🦨 scent to her and I now have some expectations of her by what she is already showing. And we are watering almost twice a day now with the ones in the one gallon pots. last night they got there first dose of ONIT sciences foliar spray that we got away from and now are bringing it back

And this foliar spray should be applied after the lights go out or an hour before the lights are on. This is the best way to introduce micro nutrients to your plant and that’s through the foliage and stems. this spray breaks the cell membrane walls to allow this to happen and also allows better water absorption after it has been applied and you will notice when the “shine” of your foliage goes “flat”.

Veg Room

Veg room is getting cluttered again but it’s a good thing. We have the marshmallow Gobbstopper clones in the back that will be moved into the isolation tent for feminizing and making fem seeds of. And we are slowly getting back the mandarin hammers from the flower room that we are just waiting to show sex so we can get them back in here And finish getting there canopies where we want them. And soon two of the bubba hash will be cloned and brought into the flower room for flowering. We still need a proper tent to keep mother plants going. and the creature bear og F2 autos

Will be brought into the flower room anytime really. And this will free up some room for the mandarin hammers to come back in.

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