Extraction of 85 grams of flower and grow room update flower room almost ready


Yesterday evening we packed up the 18 inch extraction tube with a mix of flower. Lol all I can say is that two zips were of the same strain and the third one was a GDP strain. The pack was 85 grams. after spending some time in the freezer we blasted it with 3 cans of pure322 organic solvent. formulated To extract 100% of the cannabinoids the first time when done properly. Later today we will collect and get it all weighed up.

I’m guessing 20 grams......what you predict the weight to be? leave tour answer in the comments below.


Harvest is any day now for slice the pie. Stoner 63, stoner 63-2 and TS Cubed are only behind by 13 days. All from Sanctuary Seeds. This grow was Getting there nutrients from Advanced Nutrients and Onit sciences. And now we are flushing them with plain ph water to 6.4-6.8 keeping your ph at or between this is ideal for soil grows. And as we flush we are checking trichomes with the microscope...

Still getting used to the microscope, but this is the last “clue” we are looking at to understand when this harvest window will be. This is of the stoner 63. And these are just random pics of the trichomes from all four of the flowering plants...


Simple Yield Solutions and there independent support system. We have ours on the dairy shake from Sanctuary Seeds. And we can’t wait to get this one into flower, I predict the flowers on this one are going to be “huge”’compared to previous grows. Sitting in Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil these three girls will be going into the flower room real soon.

Also in the veg room we have three of the monster cropped clones under the LED. These clones are using Vulx volcanic mineral soil amendment witch retains water for a longer period of time while making your nutrients more readily available for your roots to uptake. These will be going out side to the outdoor grow with the others on the T5 table.....

These five exotics that are also on this T5 table will not be going to the outdoor grow with the others. These five will be coming through the whole process of our indoor grow. I have some exciting plans for these girls. All five strains came from Pure Smoke Boutique, 100% germination rate so far with these guys and the only other company that has had the same percentage the first time using them was Kannabia Seeds.

just free joe exotic so we can have some more awesome reality shows

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