Extraction: making more carts and grow room update

Extraction and winterizing

we had to go out and pick up some flower to extract. Picked up roughly 95 grams of “Kashmir Kush”

We packed up roughly 60 Grams into the 18 inch extraction tube. This material is aged a bit so the color maybe a bit dark then I like but that’s ok. We ran 3 cans of pure322 organic solvent

We ran it through the normal warm water bath. And once it was done purging off the bulk of the solvent we then flooded the extract with alcohol and winterized it,

running one filtering through the Buckner funnel and what we pulled out surprised me

After filtering we purged off the bulk of the alcohol over night and now have it in the vac chamber purging the rest of the alcohol

It will take only a couple of hours and some time this morning with it and we will be ready for carts soon.

Flower Room

Just keeping these girls fat and happy. Harvest is coming soon for three of these girls. We are getting onto week two of flower with the third mandarin hammer we brought in from the veg room the other day. Feeding everything in the flower room 10ml of grow and 15ml of micro and bloom While adding in 8ml of bud candy. This is the ratio we use for everything that comes through flower but the bud candy we just introduced fully to the line up.

Veg Room

we have started topping the feminized “Bubba hash” from The Attitude Seed Bank. These three sit on 3 gallon fabric pots and are being root trained. We started extreme training on the two last mandarin hammers that are also in 3 gallon fabrics. These two will be taking a much longer veg time. We flatten the fuck out of them to allow light to the lower shoots and we are trying to bring everything up and create a canopy that will produce and yield more product.

Also in here the two creature bear og F2 autos in one gallon fabric pots. Have some hi expectations for everything in this room. The next two going into flower are the two mandarin hammers once we harvest the few in the flower room.

Isolation and feminizing

we are on day 13 of treating a branch to sprout fem pollen sacks. This is the marshmallow Gobbstopper and if this doesn’t start showing pollen sacks at the end of day 21 we will just grow it into the flower room and start fresh with one of the Strawnanna tangilopes. Using “the doctors” reversal spray.

Strawnanna tangilope seedlings

so far we have about half pooping through. We did use a rooting hormone that we added before planting the seed in the rock wool cube. Today we will be planting a few of them into one gallon fabric pots and we will factor in stretching as we plant these. We will keep these under the T5 light for a few weeks till there’s room in the veg room for them.

Apparel and accessories

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