Extraction for cartridges and grow room update and clones


our latest extraction is for our cartridges. we have another batch of 50- one gram full ceramic all in white that will be done this week as soon as the empty’s come in. This extraction above was done with a shake material and of course it was a bit older then we like but we got it winterized and here it’s coming out of the vac chamber to be checked. We will keep a vac on this batch till tomorrow morning and we will be playing with the pressures a bit and seeing what more we can figure out. Original blast done using our 18 inch ablaze steel extraction tube and pure322 organic solvent by Metavega.

And you can see put winterizing process in the last few previous blog posts.

Flower room

flower room is on day 2 of flower officially. Two more weeks and we will be getting at watching the trichomes on the creature bear og autoflowers which are in one gallon pots. We have three from Pure Smoke Boutique whoch we transplanted two of them the other day and they should have been given more time after there transplant to veg..... the monster cropped clone and the marshmallow gobbstopper will be getting a lollipopping soon.

Veg Room

💥 yesterday this room got a topping and we started super cropping what we can. 11 of these will be heading to the cabin grow as soon as harvest day come. these are seeds from material we have been blessed to blast. We do need to take the time to go through these and properly sex them before we think about transplanting into there final homes for the cabin grow. We do have that super grape haze that is being planned for a mother plant

mandarin kush X 9 lbs hammer

T5 table looks ok. Some are definitely lagging behind but soon enough these will be moved into the vegroom and there we will veg them out for this Indoorgrow. Expecting maybe half to be males but hopefully not. Once we figure out which ones we are keeping we will then transplant them into 3 gallon fabric pots, finish vegging and once the flower room gets harvested we will then move them to flower. 🎉


Day 3 of our cloning attempt. Pretty confident on my first go through but as usual always learning. We will replace the solution in the hoper and we will raise the concentration up a bit and we will run it for another 3 days at that level. Marshmallow gobbstopper and juicy fruit cuttings have been taken and we are using Clonex cloning and seedling solution.

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