Extraction and grow room update.... harvest? Outdoor grow?


yesterday we ran two 18 inch extraction tubes. one of straight flower of some older material and a second tube half packed with that old flower and some fresh trim from a Deep Cheese plant. We ran through the normal warm water bath and ran both extractions through the vac chamber. We use pure322 from Meta Vega and when using this organic solvent a vac chamber is not needed, but for a quicker finish with a more stable finish is usually always better unless we are going for the sauce...

This is extraction #1 above and #2 below...

And we will be doing another round of winterizing here soon. We have carts that need to be made still...


We are half way through the first week of flower for the TS CUbed from Sanctuary seeds. This is about the time we come through and do the first heavy defoliating. This is where usually I take clones and clean up the bottom 1/3rd of the canopy. This is to re direct energy to where it will be used most effectively in Putting the energy into the flowers that get the proper lighting. We will do another selective defoliating letting some more bud sites open up to the needed light. this was already don’t to the dairy shake cleaning up everything to the bottom of the scrog That is being used on it from Simple Yield Solutions. After the lights clicked off last night we brought in the foliar spray from Onit Sciences and we sprayed everything........

This is 7.5 ml of ONIT sciences organic grow additive mixed in one gallon of distilled water. This is the best way to introduce micro nutrients to your plants. and should be applied at least twice a week.

We fed all the seedlings and clones a mix of Advanced Nutrients and ONIT Sciences organic grow additive. We did not water nor feed the new exotic seedlings though. Today we will water them and possible start a nutrient regiment. But I think it’s still a bit early to do so. Exotics came from Pure Smoke Boutiques and I have some hi hopes for these strains. and these will get to the flower room at some point and possibly even be the next round to flower if I’m able to clear out all the other seedlings and clones to the out door grow.


YES. And we still have

one to come down as well.... (I don’t know why it’s jumping lines like that) and we have this one drying and we will be making room for another one to come down and start drying. We should be getting the other ones into jars pretty soon. The drying method tho isn’t quite what I like and we need to fix that.


We got jars coming in soon witch will be nice because we have been out for some time now. We got a new strain of seeds for sale check the pics above. Message me for more Info. We also have slicks coming and a new drone for content for the outdoor grow

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