Extraction and grow room update and..... other things

started some “channel fevers” we had kickin around. Yesterday the taproot was coming up so we had to rip them open and flip them around. We used a rooting hormone like usual to help aid in the root developmen. so hopefully today we see them pop through, we should anyway.

clones and seedlings are holding strong. Using Vulx volcanic mineral soil amendment we mixed 75 grams per gallon of medium. Making your nutrients more readily available and retains water for a longer period of time. Sour sorbet, mendo cookies and the Durban poison are being planned for the outdoor grow. and the three in the 3 gallon pots are the next ones getting ready for the flower room. Again all our grows get a mix of Advanced Nutrients and ONIT Sciences organic grow additive.

flower room finally starting to get away from the nitrogen deficiency. We may start back with the nutrients today but only putting half strength of the bud candy and rhino skin from Advanced Nutrients. Onit Sciences organic grow additive has been an amazing additive we accepted into the official line up. It opens up the pathways transporting its food and introduces micro nutrients that’s needed throughout its life.

Our home hydro store is Emerald City Hydroponics located in Westminster Massachusetts this where we go for our nutrients, medium and even our solvent. They got everything you need.... we even got a little Blue Lab case donation for our combo meter, super pumped about that.

between the strawberry haze live resin, slap wagon sugar and “no name” sauce we got bought out yesterday. We’ll be back to blasting in the next few hours. Next strain we got coming through is called “Hyphy” super pumped about it I’m being told it’s gonna be the nicest material we have gotten from them. We’ll be doing “real time” posting updates like usual on our main Instagram account and will be getting videos together and keep working at this media thing. Appreciate everyone’s support

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