Extraction and grow room update

yesterday morning we blasted the 12 inch #extraction tube with two cans of #metavega #pure322 organic solvent. we pulled 11.5 + grams of #concentrate from 42 grams of flower. This was sold to Us with no name. Came out killer.

we should be bringing in another 42 grams today or tomorrow. And we are thinking about making a rosin press. For the future if there is ever a solvent shortage, we will be pressing rosin but not yet.’this pure322 has been the best yet and we want to run it as long as possible. Quality of product is outstanding when using it.

After a few days if the extractions are left at room temperature and not kept in n the freezer after extraction is starts to sugar up

looks like honey. We will be doing some more experiments and trying to get a more clear product without winterizing

day 40 of flower for “slice the pie“ and the other trail behind about week And half. We will be checking trichomes soon. but being on day 40 it’s nowhere close to being done. we just watered them this morning with plain ph water to 6.4-6.8. All from Sanctuary Seeds.

still dealing with a nitrogen issue

veg room is filled with clones and seedlings. Clones came from a buddy who had never cloned before. He monster cropped without knowing and so we got our first monster cropped clones in our grow now. they were transplanted into one gallon smartpots in fox farm ocean forest soil. We mixed in 75 grams of Vulx volcanic mineral soil amendment per gallon of soil. We have a couple “mendo cookies” “sour sorbet” and one feminized “Durban poison” all from seed that are looking good. all our grows get a mix of Advanced nutrients and OnitSciences organic grow additive.

and the other day we started 3 more “channel fever”’we found kicking around. From Sanctuary Seeds and these, if they make it, will be the following one s that will go through the indoorngrow keeping it consistent

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