Extraction and grow room update

we ran one can of #pure322 #organic #solvent through the 12 inch #extraction tube and we pulled 11 grams of #concentrate from 42 grams of #flower . we just put together a short video showing the process from beginning to end if you head over to our YouTube channel, it will be posted about an hour after this post.

and the last #winterizing project wasn’t quite a fail but it came out super dark. we were washing tools and dishes that we use for extractions and was saving it all for this, no more of that. LOl. The #cartridges came put fire besides the look of them. Hit well, super toasted off a few rips..... but the color.... makes me want to puke when I look at it lol. the rest of this #shatter will be used for edibles or something.

And I don’t know if this video is gonna play on the post but: day 38 of flower for “slice the pie” and day 22 for the others. All from Sanctuary Seeds these girls are starting to put out some killer smells and starting to put some weight on. We have been flushing for the last 4 days to get our color bavk on them. We started using #budcandy and #rhinoskin from Advanced Nutrients and we ended up getting a noticeable nitrogen deficiency one and we caught it before it got to far with the other two. We are starting to get some lighter colors on them now and we should be back to normal feeding tomorrow or Thursday.

we appreciate everyone’s support and look forward to this years collaborations and meetings. It has been an awesome journey so far and we can’t let this flop. If it does I’ll be back behind the shell gas station smoking dope lol. honestly thank you and stay medicated

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