Extraction 🥳 and Cabin grow and indoor grow update

we finally got a batch of flower worth it!!! This gorilla glue we picked up is “fuego“ 🔥 and we picked it up roughly 110 grams. We quickly packed an 18 extraction tube and ran two cans of pure322 by Metavega. Had a trippy experience with it too and almost missed it....

See the ball? Almost didn’t catch it i was in such awwww 😆 but after the warm water bath we got...

🎉 love this flower. Again we didn’t take any weights before or even after we just needed product and we needed it now. So today when we get back to the lab 🧪 we will take the time to do some science and math for sure and I’m gonna show you wtf happens when you blast freshly harvested flower, And cure it..... we about to add time to the process just so we can get a finish everyone will love. 🎉 💯

Cabin Grow

cabin grow on week 6. This grow will definitely be going longer then other grows. Still getting speedy results and I’m wanting more couchlock so when I think it’s done we’ll go a whole 7 more days And get that Stoney couch lock result. we had a mendo cookie herm on me....

So we harvested it and we have it frozen for the moment. We will just extract it for what’s ita worth and move on.


clones are killing it. Everything is rooting but one. Using Clonex cloning and seedling solution. 45 ml to one gallon of water now. When you think we can plant these? this is our first real round of

cloning and it’s going well. The next round we will get deeper into it. We shaved the first inch of its outer layer and on the next round we will cut the 45 and split the end a bunch maybe? Just stoked this round is coming along and allows us to move some things out side and we will veg these and flower them at the indoor location. 🎉 💯 💚 pumped

veg Room

and with the clones doing as good as they are I believe we can bring some of these from the vegroom OUTSIDE. A few weeks back we planted two into the ground thinking they were males, but just wanted to get them somewhere where I could grow them out and if they are males we’ll chop em and if not we’ll cool we got some outdoors going. So I think maybe 6 or so will be added.....

We tried to get an official outdoor grow going but was defeated by the New England weather and things got torn up 😢 but all good and it was a great learning experience.

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