Extracting slice the pie, grow room update


We originally weighed out 15 grams but could only fit 10 grams. We froze the tube and then ran one can of MetaVega’s pure322 Organic solvent. We like hen took that blast and set it in a warm water bath....

After the warm water bath we collected it and got it straight into the vac chamber. Vac chamber is not needed when using pure322 but for a faster more stable product a few hours in the chamber is never a bad idea, ever.....

And we checked it and then decided to run it for the rest of the night in the chamber to see what would happen...

Weighed it up and got just over two grams from the ten grams of flower of slice the pie.

flower room

Officially day 7 of flower. We have dairy shake with simple yield solutions independent support/scrog system on it that helped make the canopy you see here. We have two lights on this one girl. Doubling up a 1000 watt and 600 watt so we could get some better lighting and try to get some better results then what we just took down, witch was straight fire. I can’t believe I have finally made it to where I’m at now with it and we are getting daily compliments from ones who have bought or tried our flower. Anyways, we have two TS Cubed one under the 1000 watt LEF and one under the 800 watt Led. I feel real good about this room. We may have to do one more defoliating and get some things opened up. We will also do one more light super cropping.


We got five exotics under the T5 in one gallon pots. We have the light so we can slam it right on top of these seedlings bringing the light within an inch or two from the the tops. We lif Ted this light and got you the names and condition these girls are in. Watering these girls seems to be every 3-4 days for the soil to properly dry out so we don’t over water them. We did give them one feeding using advanced nutrients and ONIT Sciences organic grow additive, just be careful if you decide to start feeding this early. these strains are from Pure Smoke Boutique. and we have him hopes for these five witch will make it tk the flower room eventually.

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