Extracting and winterizing. Harvest of bubba hash, Veg room update and new gear coming soon 🎉 💯 💚

Extractions & winterizing

over the weekend we got a tube blasted of the “Devine storm” using pure322 organic solvent by Metavega which you can find at www.pure322.com and using “waxroom10” and receive a discount on your first order. After we blast into the Pyrex dish we run the warm water bath to purge out the solvent. (Above showing warm water bath).

after we ran the warm water bath we then flood the Pyrex dish with 190 proof grain alcohol and just enough to cover the extraction. After some time the extraction is fully dissolved. At this point we collect the solution into a mason jar and seal it and into the refrigerator.

Once sealed the mason jar goes into the freezer where it will “freeze down” and allow the separation of the fats and lipids to happen. The fats and lipids become a solid and once we have the separation it’s time to filter.

Using our Buckner funnel and vac pump, we prep the funnel with our filters first. Cutting a 2.5 micron paper lab filter to fit and then on top of that using 2 simple coffee filters.

Once we have everything set up we turn our vac pump on and we pour the freezing solution into the top of the Buckner funnel. this step only takes a few minutes to do. This is the actual step where we pull out all solids from the extractions and anything foreign.

You can see the wet/white filter and towards the bottom left you can see the fats and lipids that we have pulled from this.

Once the filtering is done we then pour the filtered solution into a food safe silicone and place it on the heating pad. This step is a little low tech for us but within a few hours the bulk of the alcohol can be purged and we then finish it up in the vac chamber.

Half way done 👆

final pull before we collect 👇

Above is the last pull in the vac chamber before collecting.

👆 and here is the final product prior to making cartridges. We came out with 12.5 grams of extract after winterizing. This batch went straight into cartridges.

Mixing our special formula 😆 using products from Wax Liquidizer we made out with some “pineapple 🍍 express” flavored one gram carts.

Our cartridges are a “full spectrum” product containing our extracts from our flowers. we put the most energy and patience into our products and if you would like to try one just shoot us a message.

Flower room

Yesterday we took down the first of 3 of the “bubba hash”. These genetics originated from “The Attitude seed bank”. This one was the first to come into flower.

We chopped and we trimmed off everything that didn’t show any trichomes

Once finally dried we will do a final, right trim and we will take that trim and blast it. We will also be taking a sweet amount of flower for blasting as well.

Veg Room

Veg room is now getting exciting. We have our one strawnana tangilope sotting in her 3 gallon fabric pot in Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil. We also have 6 “rainbow gonbstoppers” and 4 “banana French cookie 🍪“ in there one gallon fabric pots. We will be cloning all of these and feminizing one if not all three strains but we need to get some more isolation grow tents first.

New things

We have our order of 200 full glass cartridges with the logo on them coming in finally. And we also have our new line of apparel and gear coming in as well as our new black variable wattage batteries are now available

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