Extract collection, flushing the flower room

Wax collection

Yielding 19.6 grams, yesterday we collected our most recent extraction. This blast was from a 85 grams of flower and three cans of pure322 organic solvent from MetaVega.

Flower Room

today makes it day 62 of flower and three more days till our predicted harvest window for “slice the pie”. The other three started there flush period sooner then expected but I think they will be right on time for a proper harvest. Keeping everything we put through these mediums at a ph between 6.4-6.8.....

And the new grow light from Grow Light Official is finishing this slice the pie off and doing it well.....

..... this is why using Simple Yield Solutions independent scrog/support system is super helpful. The slice the pie is putting so much weight on it’s starting to split itself apart. And this could have been prevented but this doing it on its own a helping with the resin production, stressing the plant out

Veg Room

Veg room will be cleared out within the next five days. With these three here from Sanctuary Seeds will be moved into the flower room as soon as we harvest. Dairy shake is utilizing Simple Yield Solutions independent plant system, not worried about this one getting heavy for itself. maybe today even..... we gotta check trichomes today again.....

Also in here we have 3 of the 8 monster cropped clones vegging put under the LED, this LED used to be in the flower room and the new grow light took its place and we moved this one into veg for a bigger vegging foot print added to the 400 watt metal halide. All the monster cropped clones are using Vulx volcanic mineral soil amendment. I have one full tub of this amendment left that’s able to treat 10 gallons of medium. We will do one of the 10 gallon pots with it for the out door grow.

Seedling & Clone table

most of these are going to the outdoor grow. “Sour sorbet” ”mendo cookies“ and the rest of the monster cropped clones, if they look good enough. I’m planning for ten plants to be brought out to the outdoor grow but have 15 I would like to do in total.

And the new exotics from Pure Smoke Boutique have stopped stretching and are getting on there 2nd and 3rd stages of leaves. These will be transplanted into 3 gallon smartpots in Fox Farm ocean forest soil. These five will be brought into the veg room, again as soon as we harvest the flower room and move the veg room plants into it so we have the room.

Whats New

We got three new flavors coming from Wax Liquidizer. Sometime next week we will be putting together some new cartridges

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