Extract classes? Curing dabs, curing flower, cartridges and what’s new 🎉 💯 💚

Extracts, flower & cartridges

👆 “devine breathe” extract after 4 days of curing came out 🔥. This run came out of a 80 gram flower run. We yielded 19 Grams from it using pure322 organic solvent again you can find at www.pure322.com and using “waxroom10” will get you a discount.

and gramming our slicks and jars is fun 🤩 😛

👆 here is a run done by a friend that follows us on Instagram. He took our advice and look what he got 🤩 🎉 pure322 organic solvent could be one of your biggest switches in an attempt to find the best of the best.

👆 and here we have the fem bubba hash almost done curing. This strain came out beautifully. Has a great fruity 👃 and the buds are rock solid. This was grown with the new G8LED C3 we installed not to long ago.

this new led grow light has some awesome features to it. Covering a 5x5 foot area, dimmable with a bloom boost button this light can bring your plants from seedlings to final flower. Also capable of connecting up to 50 of these together and running them with one master controller 🔥 so fucking 🔥 😂

And our newest carts we have in stock are in mango 🥭 and grape 🍇 ape 🦧 using products by Wax Liquidizer. We Grow, extract, winterize and create all of our final products in house. We now use a full glass cartridge which has, in itself, been a game changer. doing everything we can to bring you the best information possible so you can do this at home. No exspensive equipment, no secret knowledge except taking the time to properly understand and accept the knowledge is all it takes.

New Grow location

as many of you know I have been working on getting the new location up and going and the other day we finally got some girls up to the Vivosun 5x5. We have 6 fem marshmallow gobstoppers in one gallon pots. We will start there topping and training early around the 5th node. We will work on getting a “wall to wall” canopy prior to flipping into flower. This round will be a true test of the partial set up. And so far temp and conditions have been stable.

we stuffed what we could I to a small plastic tote. We will get bigger totes just for this. Soon we will be getting another grow tent up for isolating and feminizing as well as other smaller projects like autos or to start clones.

Apparel & Accessories

YES! We are still waiting on the mail!! 😞 😡 but it’s ok cuz when it does arrive it’s gonna be awesome 😂. You can always put an order in through our shop at waxroomproductions.com/shop or send us a message with your inquiry.

And as we get into the new year of 2021 we wish you a very happy and safe holidays. Fuck Covid 💯 💚

New New New New New New New New

now offering extraction classes just sign up on our website under “book online” tab 💯

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