Exotics and a grow room update


so we mentioned the other day we got these seeds in from “Pure Smoke Boutique” and we are getting a few out today to a couple of friends who are consistent growers. We will run a mix tray of five for us and we got two other growers that will be taking these on. some pretty crazy names strains and we are excited to see where they go. We will start them in the small “peet pods” again under the T5 we had a couple fail on us on the last round. before we do start these we are doing a killer cleaning on the seedling trays and make sure we are canceling out any issues that may cone from it.


day 47 of flower for “slice the pie“ and day 35 for the other three all from Sanctuary Seeds. We got the stalk on the “slice the pie” split. Looking for a higher resin production and this is how we do it. As the plant thinks it’s dying it produces more resin as a defense mechanism. I think we have 13-18 days left before we harvest that one and 25-30 days for the others to be done. But we will keep an eye on the trichomes and as soon as we see the percentage of amber color appear we will chop.


and the veg room is another world in its self, lol. So we installed Simple Yield Solutions support system the other day on the “dairy shake” from Sanctuary Seeds. I think we have enough time to get these canopys in an epic position. we have max 30 days before they will be moved into the flower room. And bows the time I want things to stretch and get in The position to stack some nice flowers once in flower. We got the monster cropped clones in there one gallon smartpots sitting in Fox Farm ocean forest soil. We have some volcanic mineral amendment mixed in at 75 grams per gallon of Vulx . This amendment retains water for a longer period of time while making your nutrients more readily available for the roots to uptake. Got the mendo cookies, Durban poison and sour sorbet all from seed that will be most likely headed to the out door grow come first week of April, letting we have no more frosts.

We got two clones from the TS Cubed looking good so fa. once we see roots we will transplant. We have a new light coming for the flower room witch will allow us to move one of the other led lights into the vegroom so we can efficient light so we can veg wall to wall and don’t have to rotate the plants every day

we got some cartridges coming out today. Using a dam mini fridge, winterizing takes forever. But it’s well worth it. We pride ourselves in quality and potency. And I love seeing things in detail so I don’t mind the production time. Always find us here if you have any questions, comments, concerns or just wanna bitch at us..... lol....whatever we are here for you

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