Exhaust fan installed, new beans started and flushing the flower room


here is the most recent blast that we just got dobe winterizing. not sure on the weight of this yet but this is gonna be going towards the 100 cart order. this was fresh flower that was just about to get cured, perfect time to blast. i dod expect more of a yield but this was the first time running this material and strain. today, once its done with the vac chamber we will spkit th Cabin grow

well we tried the cabin grow with the humidity controller and new inline fan. I’m not an air transfering specialist but I do know now that we will need a much bigger fan to properly transfer the air. We did feed them yesterday using four gallons of water and advanced nutrients we mixed up four full strength gallons and split that between the 11 of them in here. A/C has been working great as well as the temperature controller from Ink Bird.

Flower room

on the final stretch with the girls in the flower room. We started the flushing for the dairy shake. This strain, this girl just wanted to finish on her own. No matter how much I tried feeding her the fan leaves just kept yellowing. The trichome pics we got seem to show the dairy shake almost ready for harvest....

The TS Cubed still has a few days before we start flushing those two. But here is a mess of shots we took yesterday of the trichomes

Below is the dairy shake

TS cubed below.....

Veg room

I do believe we have a third male in this veg room. If so that will leave us with three girls. one monster cropped clone and 2 girls we popped from seed that we got from Pure Smoke Boutiques. We will be transplanting them into 3 gallon pots either fabric, witch I prefer, or plastic pots. Would like to veg these for another 3-4 weeks but we will play it by ear. Right now these sit in one gallon pots.

Seedlings and auto flowers

We started 12 more beans yesterday. 8 from the material we blasted and four I found in a vile in the “good seed bag” of course not labeled but they looked amazingly good. so we started them in the little jiffy pods. And we do this to help reduce any risk of shock from transplanting and it’s just easier then other methods we have used. The 7 auto flowers from @1212homegrown are doing great under the T5 but I do believe they will be moved into one of the grow rooms or get them outside and finish there lives under the sun. I think they will stay in these one gallon fabric pots but still not sure

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