Emergency grow room, grow room update and extraction

Outdoor grow

two days ago we jumped the gun and brought the plants outdoors. We transplanted them from one gallon smartpots to 10 gallon fabrics and did the last five of them in 15 gallon fabrics. Using roughly 190 gallons of Fox Farm ocean forest medium. They all got a light watering after transplanting. But they were brought out to early. So we turned the drying cabin into an emergency grow room. We should have at least one more

light if not two more lights to keep this grow growing properly. But we set up a fan, space heater as well to combat the cold. they should be just fine though....

We will be bringing these back to this spot once the time is right.... we do have a green house coming. And when we set this green house up we will be staking and strapping her down. Hi risk of it being blown away


We are running some ok material right now. We will be terping this run with some terps from Gold Coast terpenes.

flower room

Week three of flower. And today they will get fed, as long as the pots allow it. Mixing 10ml grow 16ml micro and 16ml of bloom adding in 4ml or budcandy and rhino skin from Advanced Nutrients. Bud candy and rhino skin are being added in at half strength. We started with the full strength recommendation but we ran into a problem. But I do believe we figured our grows out now. Using Onit sciences organic grow additive in all of our grows helping reach the full genetic potential of each one.

Veg Room

The exotics are doing well. Maybe 4 weeks or so and we will be transplanting these from one gallon pots to 3 gallon fabric pots. Keeping the 400 watt metal halide as close as possible to the tops, without burning Them. We topped all of them... again working on the canopys are gonna be your way to a higher yield. Using your space efficiently is a must when growing indoors like we are, even plants outside should get some sort of topping and training for a More fruitful harvest.

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