Edibles and clones

We started a few more girls yesterday. We started 5 “mendo cookies” and 6 “sour sorbet” and we did a good cleaning before hand and try to minimize any pests kickin around. We also started edibles with some of our winterized concentrate. 2 grams of oil to 30 grams of chocolate in little flower molds. Came out great.

Our “TS Cubed” and “stoner 63” test clones using a rooting hormone worked well. We had roots coming out the bottom and we got them transplanted into 3 gallon pots with fox farm. We got more clones the other day and transplanted them into one gallon smartpots and we added 75 grams of @vulx volcanic mineral amendment per gallon of fox farm and it’s supposed to make nutrients more readily available. and we still got the three girls from sanctuary seeds in the veg room that will stay in here till the flower room is cleared again. Day 24 of flower for the “slice the pie” and day 11 for the others. today we will be getting some new material together and a case of pure322 organic solvent and getting baclones to normal blasting. check our YouTube channel, icon on the website

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